Evil Russian Wagner Group mercenaries ‘raped women in hospital maternity ward’

Mercenaries fighting for Vladimir Putin's private army raped new mums on a maternity ward, it is alleged.

Evil Russian soldiers from the Wagner Group have been accused of storming a hospital in the capital of the Central African Republic (CAR) on on April 10.

On the other side of the planet, Wagner Group “death squads” reportedly opened fire on innocent civilians attempting to flee their town in Ukraine this week.

The group has been used in conflicts around the world, as a resource of Russian military and is associated with atrocities and alleged war crimes over their countless violent attacks.

Hospital officials at the Henri Izamo military camp in Bangui told CAR's military chiefs that three Russian mercenaries raped health workers and several women who had just given birth.

The Daily Beast was told: "[The military headquarters] received a report last month from the [hospital] centre detailing how three Russian instructors stormed the maternity ward and began to sexually assault women on admission.

"Among the victims, the military was informed, are two mothers who had just given birth to babies and health workers on duty."

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According to the military source, they are "convinced that the report is genuine," as one official claims it is the third report of such crimes.

Human Rights Watch reports Russian mercenaries have been killing and torturing civilians in CAR since 2019.

In July 2021 Russian-speaking men armed with military-grade weapons and dressed in military gear without official markings, set up a road block near the town of Bossangoa.

There they stopped men to beat and shoot them, leaving at least eight dead witnesses said.

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Investigating claims coming out of CAR, Human Rights Watch interviewed more than 40 people over two years to record the abuses likely committed by Wagner group mercenaries.

Witnesses from Bambari added that Russian-linked forces had detained and tortured people in 2019.

Last October the United Nations called on CAR's government to cut ties with "private military and security personnel, particularly the Wagner Group".

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In the UN's plea it listed Wagner Group members' alleged crimes of violently harassing and intimidating civilians, peacekeepers, journalists, aid workers and minorities as well as rape and sexual violence against women, men and young girls.

The Wagner Group describes itself as a private military contractor which sends largely former Russian soldiers to African countries, the Middle East and now Ukraine.

Putin's Kremlin officially denies any connection to the Wagner Group but the president is thought to use it to boost Russia's influence and undermine democracy overseas, analysts say.

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