‘Extremely rare moment’ Russian state TV exposes Putin in ‘damning assessment’

Russian state TV exposes Putin in 'damning assessment

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Russian state TV has seen a defence columnist offer a “damning assessment” of Russia’s war in Ukraine in a clip shared online by the BBC’s Francis Scarr. In the video, Russian military pundit Mikhail Khodaryonok takes aim at Vladimir Putin’s geopolitical strategy and warns that counter to Kremlin propaganda the Ukrainian Army is not on the very of collapsing. 

Mr Khodaryonok told Russia State TV: “Every matter should be viewed as a whole from the overall strategic point and desirably taking into account the near term strategic outlook.

“First of all, I must say that we shouldn’t take information tranquilisers because sometimes information is spread about some moral and psychological breakdown in the Ukrainian Armed Forces, which are allegedly on the verge of some kind of crisis in morale and so on.

“All of that to put it mildly is false.”

The defence columnist went on to warn the Kremlin against “sabre-rattling” in response to Finland and Sweden joining NATO and added that Russia was isolated internationally. 

“We are in full geopolitical isolation,” he said.


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