Family rescue pigeon and nurse it to health – then it dies smashing into window

A family who rescued a pigeon and tended it back to full health were left traumatised when they released it back to the wild.

Couple Katie and Marc Parker and their daughter Millie, from North Shields in Newscastle-upon-Tyne, saw a pigeon sitting in their garden and struggled to fly and decided to take action.

They put the poorly bird in a box and took it into a utility room where it recovered.

Katie wrote on Facebook that the family even named it "Pidge".

"We gave him some food and water, and each day we've got him out to see if he could fly," she detailed.

"Yesterday it finally looked like he was going to fly away! He didn't fly away!"

When it was finally ready to release Pidge, daughter Millie was on hand to record it all – but it didn't go well.

The footage shows dad Marc holding the bird in a towel while looking for the perfect position to give the bird a long flight path.

Following Millie's countdown, Marc stands at the far end of their garden, swings his arm up and lets go of Pidge.

The bird spreads its wings for a few seconds but then smashes into the window with a loud thump before falling next to the garden chairs.

Marc runs to check on Pidge and can be heard groaning "oh no" while Millie asks him: "Is it okay? Is it okay? Is it alive?"

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Katie posted the clip with "RIP Pidge", adding: "Marc and Millie are absolutely traumatised!

"He realises he should've probably been facing the other way!"

Viewers expressed their grief towards poor Pidge but they were also left in hysterics by the drastic turn of event.

One wrote: "Oh God. Feel a bit guilty laughing at that."

Another said: "I'm no expert but if you’re unsure if the bird can fly or not, you don’t f***ing launch it in the air to find out. Haha."

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