Farmers reveal how they caught perv bonking cow before getting ‘trampled’

Two farmers have lifted the lid on how they managed to catch a man having sex with one of their cows.

Ian and Tracey Farwell have spoken out about the detailed operation they were forced to carry out to catch the man, later revealed to be 25-year-old Liam Brown, after suspecting something sinister was taking place in their cowshed under the cover of darkness. They had noticed their calves were regularly in a state of distress in the mornings at their farm in Burton, near Christchurch, Dorset.

Over a six-month period, they discovered strange items including trousers, a cow rope and surgical gloves littered around their farm.

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They toldMailOnline they had noticed their calves “getting ill” and had set out to work out what was causing it. Trips to the vets were carried out to find out what the matter was.

Ian said that they thought someone was going into the pens around three to four times a week, but they were unsure what they were doing in there. They felt that catching the person was the only way to stop the nefarious activity. One night, a member of the family heard distressed noises coming from the shed and used his phone to check CCTV covering parts of the farm.

The family took an organised approach. Ian told MailOnline: “He could see someone was in the cowshed so we gave each other five minutes to get into position and turned the lights on. When the lights went on, we saw this man behind a calf with his trousers down. It was obvious what he was doing.”

After being caught in the act, Brown tried to flee. Ian said: “He jumped a fence and tried to leg it but some cows trampled him and we surrounded him. When we got closer we recognised it was Liam and he was crying and saying he'd f****d up.”

Brown was barred from owning cattle for 10 years at Bournemouth Crown Court, given a 36-month community order and told to do 15 hours of unpaid work. He was also ordered to pay £600 in compensation.

Summarising, Judge Keith Cutler said: “This is a very alarming, bizarre and worrying case. A man of your age getting involved in this behaviour – I’m sure you look back on it with shame and embarrassment.

“Your actions did cause unnecessary suffering to this animal. I hope that nothing like this will ever happen again.”

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