Fears for Melania Trump as she vanishes from sight after Capitol invasion

First Lady Melania Trump has vanished from sight following huge riots on Capitol Hill which rocked the US capital city – and she hasn't been heard from publically since New year's Day.

Five people have died since Donald Trump supporters stormed the US senate building in Washington DC on Wednesday, January 6, when a pipe bomb was also discovered in the headquarters of the Republican National Committee.

A woman who was shot during the riots subsequently passed away as more than 1,000 members of the US National Guard were deployed onto the streets in a bid to bring an end to the chaotic scenes.

And Melania Trump has stayed out of the limelight following the nasty events of Wednesday.

She hasn’t tweeted since January 1 and hasn’t posted on Instagram since Christmas.

Her last tweet, posted on New Year's Day, reads: "Wishing everyone a #HappyNewYear!

"May 2021 be filled with the blessings of joy, good health & peace throughout the year!"

Melania was absent from the controversial celebratory party prior to the violent storming of the Capitol by pro-Trumpists.

Footage emerged of other members of the Trump family dancing and celebrating as protesters gathered in Washington DC, just before the violence erupted.

Melania was last seen returning to the White House via helicopter on New Year’s Eve after spending the holiday season in Florida.

After landing, Melania Trump briefly waved and then vanished inside the building.

People have taken to Twitter to ask where the FLOTUS has disappeared to.

One person wrote: "Anyway where’s Melania lol. She still missing?"

Another wrote: "Been missing for about a week now. Where did Melania go? Mar a Lago?"

"Not to keep rapidly tweeting but isn’t it funny how all this goes down and still Melania has disappeared," a third Twitter user wrote.

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