Girl gang-raped at knifepoint by 20 men in broad daylight on busy street

The gang rape of a girl who was attacked by 20 men in New Year’s Eve in Sudan has sparked an online movement against sexual violence.

The girl, whose age is unknown, was raped at knifepoint by 20 men in broad daylight on a busy street.

She was dragged out of the car by the individuals who had reportedly caused havoc along Nile Street, a busy city centre.

The 20 men then took it in turns to rape her as a male relative who had tried to rescue her lay beaten on the ground, it is claimed.

According to reports, both the male relative and the girl were held and knifepoint throughout the ordeal.

It is unclear if local authorities are investigating the incident, which has sparked calls for tougher penalties for sex crimes.

News of the attack spread like wildfire on social media as angry campaigners called for people to force change in the country.

A Twitter user said the rape was not unique and urged people to use the hashtag "it's not okay" to spread awareness.

They wrote: "We launched the hashtag it's not okay because an event occurred that is not unique in Sudan nor is it the first time that girls have been raped.

"A girl was raped by twenty armed men at dawn on New Year's Day.

"We launched this hashtag to help all women face their fears and accusers."

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In response, another person said: "I want to be safe in my own country, I don't want to go out with fear of getting sexually assaulted and blamed when it's never my fault.

"Please help share this! End rape apology culture. Stop blaming victims."

A third commented: "We're not your sisters, we're not your daughters, we're human beings with will and autonomy who demand our rights to be respected and our consent to be given."

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