Glam International DJ at centre of international money laundering ring

A glam international DJ and her husband have been named as the couple at the centre of a huge criminal trial into international money laundering.

Izzat Khanim Javadova, the daughter of an Azerbaijani oligarch, is suspected of being a crucial part in the laundering of over £14 million of dirty money from Azerbaijan, it can now be reported.

Javadova is known for running club events in Ibiza and at London bars with celebrities.

The couple lost a court battle yesterday to maintain their anonymity in a case brought by the National Crime Agency in which more than £6 million of their assets have been frozen.

The DJ and her husband are facing allegations that their lavish lifestyle was funded using the proceeds of corruption.

The allegations claim that the couple used a network of 20 alleged shell companies based in mostly offshore jurisdictions to receive funds in their UK accounts.

It is alleged by the National Crime Agency that the money was moved in a way that "would not necessarily involve any auditable trail of banking transactions".

Javadova, whose DJ name is Mikaela Jav, and her husband Suleyman Javadov, own multiple flats in London, including in Whitehall, Twickenham and Clerkenwell.

It is also understood that they own a beachside villa in Ibiza.

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Allegations from the agency say that the money used by the couple was siphoned out of their home country under false pretences.

However, the family urge that it was all raised through their property portfolio in Azerbaijan, as well as other legitimate businesses.

The Evening Standard reported that Javadova and her husband were granted visas by the Home Office to move to the UK more than a decade ago because of their wealth.

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Her husband, Suleyman Javadov, is the son of former deputy energy minister for Azerbaijan, which means he could be subject to rigorous scrutiny as a "politically exposed person" under anti-money laundering rules.

Suleyman has allegedly denied the link between an account with Coutts, the Queen's bank.

The NCA said: "In December 2019 the NCA secured account freezing orders in respect of funds totalling £6,442,346.53, €10,000 and $10,000, held in bank accounts belonging to Suleyman Javadov and his wife Izzat Khanim Javadova.

"A forfeiture hearing for these monies will commence on July 5 at Westminster magistrates’ court. No further details will be available until the conclusion of the case."

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