Global nuke fears as Kim Jong Un boards train to talk weapons with Putin

Russian propagandists put high hopes on the visit of Kim Jong Un to Russia

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has begun his journey to Vladivostok, where he is scheduled to engage in talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin. According to South Korean media, Kim’s armoured train is en route to the Russian Far East, marking his first overseas trip in four years.

The meeting between the two dictators is expected to take on Tuesday, according to local sources.

A statement posted on the Kremlin’s official website today confirmed the visit is taking place at Putin’s behest and is scheduled to happen “in the coming days.”

The North Korean government’s official news outlet, the Korean Central News Agency, also announced the summit, though without specifying the precise timing and location.

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The Korean Central News Agency said: “The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un will meet and have a talk with Comrade Putin during the visit.”

Dmitry Peskov, the Kremlin’s mouthpiece, said both Putin and Kim would lead their delegations in talks. President Putin plans to host an official dinner in honour of the North Korean leader.

He claimed Russia was commited to cultivating “constructive, mutually beneficial relations” with neighbouring nations.

President Putin arrived in Vladivostok to attend an international forum, where the two leaders met back in 2019.

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The United States has expressed concerns regarding the possibility of North Korea potentially supplying weapons to the Russian military in light of the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

In an official statement, the Pentagon stated it anticipates “some type of meeting”.

Though analysts are judging this meeting as clear desperation on Putin’s part in his country’s efforts to fight Ukraine, the West also fears the meeting could see North Korea gain Russia’s sophisticated technology for its nuclear submarines and satellites.

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