Golden retriever puppy playing with bigger dogs melts hearts on Reddit

A sweet and funny video of a golden retriever puppy playing with her older siblings has left viewers feeling smitten on Reddit.

In the clip, uploaded on Tuesday (October 19) by u/ongoldenpaws Gabby the puppy is enjoying some rough and tumble with her two larger doggie pals.

The three goldies wrestle on the grass and Gabby tries to pin them down despite her pint-sized paws being no match for the older pooches.

Despite this, the older dogs appear to humour the playful puppy and roll around on the floor with their tails wagging when they are "caught" by her pounces.

The clip has been up-voted more than 1,000 times and viewers said they couldn't get enough of the pooches' antics.

One user gushed: "I can’t stop watching. This is the most beautiful and wholesome thing I’ve seen.

"I could watch goldens play forever. Thank you."

Someone else wrote: "Ah, the wild's most fascinating puddle… a golden cuddle puddle."

"I love that golden retrievers play fight with their entire bodies," noted another user.

"It’s mostly just them throwing their weight onto their opponent and rolling around."

Another dog-loving user wrote: "Ahh so cute! I'd try to get in the mix also."

The golden retriever trio all live together with their owner in Dallas, Texas, and it looks like the happy family couldn't get on any better.

In another sweet moment, a golden retriever was caught looking absolutely crestfallen when his owner was desperate for the loo and didn't have time to pet him on the way past.

People joked the owner should be "arrested" and made to give their goldie an extra-long cuddle after failing to meet the poor pooch's expectations.

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