Good Samartians smash truck window to rescue stricken driver

Moment Good Samaritans smash pickup truck windows on a busy Atlanta highway to rescue man passed out at the wheel

  • Juordin Carter was driving on the interstate in Atlanta, Georgia on Sunday 
  • She spotted a pickup truck driver in his cab slumped over the steering wheel 
  • She and her friend smashed the window of the truck to help the stricken driver
  • The man, who was having a medical emergency, is recovering in hospital  

This is the moment passersby joined together to rescue a man suffering a medical emergency behind the wheel of his truck. 

Dramatic footage shows people pulling their own cars over and running after the truck which was rolling slowly down an Atlanta interstate with the driver slumped behind the steering wheel. 

The Good Samaritans used a sledgehammer, a car jack and even a baby’s stroller to try to smash the truck’s windows and help the stricken driver.  

This woman attempted to smash the passenger side window with a small sledgehammer to get to a stricken driver on an Atlanta interstate

Good Samaritans chased after the pickup trying to raise the attention of the pickup driver who was having a medical emergency

Eventually, the truck came to a halt with the driver slumped over his steering wheel 

Rescuers used items such as a car jack, tire iron, sledge hammer and even a baby’s stroller in an effort to break into the truck and provide assistance to the driver

Initially, the rescuers tried to get the driver to roll the window down, but when there was no response, they began trying to break the windows to get into the vehicle.  

Some motorists feared the incident was road rage after when they saw people using tire irons, sledge hammers and even a baby stroller to break into the truck. 

One of those involved in the rescue attempt, Juordin Carter, jumped out of her own vehicle and smashed the window of the truck to provide assistance to the driver. 

He told ABC 7 News: ‘I looked over to the right and I saw an older guy driving his car. But he was leaned over. He had passed out.’ 

One woman broke the rear window of the truck before Jelani Campbell joined the rescue attempt. 

One man jumped onto the back of the truck and forced out the rear window allowing access to the vehicle

This allowed the Good Samaritan to lean into the truck and open the front door

Witnesses turned off the engine and helped the man who was suffering a medical emergency, even contacting his wife to assure her that the patient was being taken to hospital 

He said: ‘I immediately got on the truck, started kicking the rest of the windshield down. That is when I slid in and unlocked the door.’ 

While comforting the man until the ambulance arrived, the Good Samaritans made contact with his wife to assure her that he was going to hospital.

According to reports, the man, who has not been publicly identified, is recovering in hospital. 

Pastor Qua Tucker was also involved in the rescue attempt. He was on his way home from his Sunday morning service.     

He said: ‘Felt good to see people, strangers rather regardless of race, sexuality, politics, political views or what now come together to help someone else.’ 

He told Inside Edition: ‘We took the jack and tried to bust out the front window, but I was out of luck.

‘It brought joy to my heart to see people who did not know each other to come together.’

Atlanta Police confirmed the man had suffered a medical emergency and was taken to hospital for treatment. 

The man was able to walk to the ambulance with the assistance of paramedics before he was taken to hospital, where his condition has improved 

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