Google Maps user convinced they found an ‘actual ghost’ in misshapen figure

A Google Maps user is convinced they've found an "actual ghost ".

Redditor Uatarreu took to site forum Google Maps Shenanigans to upload the street view screencap of a ghostly shape etched on a building in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

The shadowy figure is about as tall as an average-sized person, with scary ghostlike arms and holes in its eyes.

Its wavy form also brings to mind famous ghost sightings of the past.

The photo was taken eleven years ago in beach suburb Mongaguá, to the south of Brazil's largest city.

Poster Uatarreu wrote: "Guys, I think I've found an actual ghost."

But the post only got three upvotes, suggesting the user's fellow Google Maps aficionados weren't so convinced by the sighting.

Even still, the misshapen figure does look eerily like what might be a ghost.

Yet it could also be graffiti, or a shadow.

Meanwhile, a supposed ghost sighting in Ireland this week saw a spooky manor house tied to real-life hauntings by paranormal experts.

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The historic Moore Hall derelict house in County Mayo, west Ireland has been the subject of intense ghost speculation for generations.

It's thought the King of Connaught, Drithliu, was killed nearby in 400AD – and has haunted the site ever since.

Paranormal Supernatural Investigations Ireland visited the eerie mansion on September 18, which they described as a "perfectly still and calm evening".

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The group added: "Overall the investigation started to get very stagnated as the night went on, but we felt at the beginning we were getting a lot of activity."

And last month a "ghost penis" was spotted by New Orleans bargoers during a hen night.

Spotters Corinne Vien and Sabrina Deana-Roga said: “It’s like a straight up uncircumcised penis.

"It’s the least scary ghost photo you could ever catch.”

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