Grim passenger put ‘smelly feet’ on headrest as vent ‘wafted stench down plane’

A plane passenger has been slammed online after taking their shoes off and resting their "smelly feet" on the headrest in front.

An image of the offending feet was shared to the r/mildlyinfuriating Reddit forum by user seefooddiet2200.

It shows a crowded Delta Air Lines flight with two white socks lifted high above the other passengers' heads.

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To make matters worse, the ignorant passenger's pongy feet were directly below an air vent meaning the smell was circulated around the aircraft.

The caption read: "Putting your smelly feet on the headrest during a flight. The air vent was blasting and wofted the scent through the plane."

Several people took to the comments section to vent their fury at the image.

One Reddit user replied: "So many do not know how to behave in public, nor do they consider how their behaviour impacts those around them. Just so self-absorbed."

Another said: "I would be the one to tell her that her feet smell and to put them away for the sake of everyone."

A third said: "I thought this group was for 'mildly' infuriating posts. Why you made me really infuriated?"

Another reply read: "The flight attendants should have handled that one. I would have lost my s**t."

Other users were simply confused as to how the passenger managed to get their feet in that position. One asked: "How is this even possible, what a position."

Another asked: "How the hell is that more comfortable than just sitting normally?"

Not everyone seemed outraged though. One comment defending the passenger read: "You afraid of socks or something? Can’t believe society has gotten to the point that it’s unacceptable to take off your shoes. Makes me sigh and laugh all at once."

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