Hamas’ deadly warning as it vows to ‘surprise’ Israel with more attacks

Hisham Qassem, a prominent member of Hamas’ leadership abroad, has issued a stern warning to Israel in the face of escalating tensions.

In a recent Telegram update, Qassem vowed that if Israel initiates a ground offensive in Gaza, the resistance movement would respond with unexpected and potent measures.

He said: “The prolonged aggression against our people in Gaza shows everyone that the criminal enemy is ‘aggressive’ in killing civilians and demolishing homes from the air, but the resistance still has many, many surprises, and by the grace of God, the damage to our capabilities is limited, and the resistance, God willing, always ready.”

A recent wave of airstrikes in Gaza, has resulted in civilian casualties and significant damage to infrastructure.

Despite the challenges faced, Qassem expressed confidence in the resistance’s ability to respond effectively, citing their previous actions during the Al-Aqsa crisis as evidence of their capabilities.

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He added: “Just as we dazzled the world in the flood of Al-Aqsa, we will dazzle them if the occupation [Israel] launches a ground invasion of the Gaza Strip.”

Israeli airstrikes pounded locations across the Gaza Strip early on Thursday (October 19), including parts of the south that Israel had declared as safe zones, heightening fears among more than two million Palestinians trapped in the territory that nowhere was safe.

In the nearly two weeks since a devastating Hamas rampage in southern Israel, the Israeli military relentlessly attacked Gaza.

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Even after Israel told the Palestinians to evacuate the north and head to what it called “safe zones” in the south, strikes continued overnight throughout the densely populated territory.

The bombardments came after Israel agreed on Wednesday to allow Egypt to deliver limited humanitarian aid to Gaza, the first crack in a punishing 11-day siege.

Many of Gaza’s 2.3million residents have reduced to one meal a day and resorted to drinking dirty water.

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