Hamas ‘sliced baby out of pregnant Israeli’s womb’ while bodies of 20 kids found

Brutal Hamas terrorists sliced a baby out of a pregnant Israeli’s womb, it has been claimed as the bodies of 20 children are found tied up and burned.

Israel troops discovered the horrors in Be’eri Kibbutz following Saturday’s hellish attacks on the country.

A commander of an emergency response unit is said to have broken down in tears as he described the scenes int he town close to the Gaza border.

“We see a pregnant lady on the floor, and we turn her around…and the stomach is wide open, there’s an unborn baby connected to the cord, stabbed with a knife, and the mother shot in the head,” Yossi Landau told i24News.


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He said he found entire families with hands tied behind their backs and claimed they had been “torched” by the terror group.

He claimed the terrorist group sat and ate food while the children were burning.

Israel reluctantly made the decision to release an image of a dead baby in a blood-stained cloth. 

“This is the most difficult image we’ve ever posted.”

“We went back and forth about posting this, but we need each and every one of you to know.

“This happened.”

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Hamas terrorists in Be’eri Kibbutz were smashed by IDF late on Sunday following an eight-hour gunfight. 

The group is currently holding hostage an estimated 150 people taken hostage from Israel — soldiers, men, women, children and older adults — and they have fired thousands of rockets into Israel over the past five days.

Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu vowed to “crush and destroy” the group and warned “every Hamas member is a dead man” during a televised address.

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