Handwritten notes blaming ‘wicked spirit’ Satan for Covid delivered to UK homes

Residents were left baffled when handwritten letters that blamed Satan for the Covid pandemic were delivered to their homes.

Justin Tooze, 50, who received one of the weird notes, told Birmingham Live he’s worried it could “intimidate” vulnerable people.

Although the note started in a pleasant tone and claimed to “share positive hope for the future” its message quickly switched to remarks about the devil.

It read: “Over the past 18 months, events around the world seem to have escalated, from the pandemic to wild fires, flash floods and humanitarian challenges.

“This has led to many people wondering if there is a God, why does he allow so much suffering?

“From my study of the Bible I have learned that God is not responsible for bad things that happen to us.

“In the Bible book of John 5v18 it explains that ‘the whole world is lying in the power of the wicked one.’

“That wicked one is Satan, an invisible spirit who rebelled against God.

“However, the good news is that God has promised exciting changes for the near future. He is going to end suffering and make life on earth a delight for us.”

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Concerned Justin Tooze – who suffered a brain aneurysm and is recovering at home – posted to a community forum in his area of Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham when he first read the letter.

He received dozens of responses and says “a hell of a lot” of people must have got one.

Justin joked about the cost of stamps and added: “I found it a bit strange. It’s a bit weird.

“A random letter off a random person I have never met.

“If anybody is suffering with mental health issues and receives these letters, how are they going to react?

“It might be somebody out there who’s received one of these letters and is a bit intimidated by it.”

A spokesperson for the Jehovah’s Witnesses in the UK said: “Jehovah’s Witnesses are motivated by love of neighbour when reaching out to people to offer comfort from the Bible.

“Despite the restrictions caused by the pandemic, Jehovah’s Witnesses remain active in trying to reach as many people as possible with the Bible’s message of hope.”

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