Haunting last message of guide among eight washed away during Moscow sewers tour

A guide who is one of eight members of a tour group washed away during a tour the Moscow sewers left a haunting last message.

At least eight people are feared dead after torrential rain flooded the sewers, turning the usually damp underground channels into tubes of raging waters.

A man and his family, three teenagers, two girls and a boy are feared dead after being washed away in the destructive waters, with the body of a 15-year-old girl already found as well as three others.

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The body was reportedly washed through an overflowing outlet into the Moscow River, and further observations showed a head laceration on the 15-year-old.

At the time of the disastrous waves, Lanit IT public relations chief Dmitry Markushkin, 47, was inside of the tunnels with family members and loved ones.

Alongside Dmitry were his daughter Elizaveta, 15, their relative Gleb Lagashin, 17, and his girlfriend Vila, 15.

Dmitry's family were said to have been joined by tour guide Konstantin Filipov, 31, whose final text was a plea for help as the group attempted to navigate themselves toward an exit while in the tunnels.

Konstantin's final text came as the sudden downpour cut off contact with the group, his last message reading: "F***, it's raining. Can I go out at Trubnaya?"

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Following the downpour, all communication with the group was lost, and officials fear there could be more than eight individuals in the sewers.

It would appear the £75 per person trip into the secret labyrinths under Moscow may have broken a few essential rules, according to another tour guide.

They said: "Why the main rule [no tours in the rain] was violated, I do not know. Neither do I know if the [guide] himself survived – no-one can contact him.

"There is also a question as to why minors were allowed on the tour. Generally, tours do not involve people under 18."

Relatives are now being asked to identify the bodies which have washed up.

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