‘Hero’ bloke escapes 3-hour traffic jam by pretending to be traffic warden

A man has been hailed a "hero" after he skipped a three-hour traffic jam following a concert using only a high-vis vest.

Nathan Twamley, 27, brazenly popped the vest on and guided his mate's car past rows upon rows of others in just 10 minutes on Saturday (June 25).

Stuck at the back of the queue after the Dermot Kennedy gig in Dublin, Ireland, Nathan spoke to other drivers who had been waiting for hours.

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That's when he and pal Sean Rafferty, 26, hatched the plan with a work vest he had in his boot.

The data technician, donning the all-powerful yellow vest, started knocking on car windows and getting them to make way for a vehicle coming through.

His girlfriend Courtney McHugh posted a video of his cunning antics on TikTok, writing: "Bring yourself a high-vis to a concert to get yourself out quicker.

"The funniest night ever, never underestimate Nathan."

The the clip, which has been viewed almost 900,000 times and has over 70,000 likes, Nathan can be seen giving a cheeky grin to the camera as the masterplan unfolds.

Speaking today (June 29) Nathan said: "There were people who had already been stuck for two hours.

"I said to Sean I'd love to have a high-vis right now to get past and he said he had one in the boot.

"I hopped out and people were asking me 'what's going on?' and I told them there had been an accident.

"I was knocking on peoples windows telling them to move over so we could fit past.

"We skipped three hours of traffic.

"We just couldn't stop laughing, we got past all the traffic and looked back and none of the cars had moved."

The was one heart-in-mouth moment towards the end when a warden noticed what Nathan was doing. Fortunately, he saw the funny side of it.

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"I think he clocked on but he just laughed as if to say 'fair play'," Nathan added.

Hundreds of people have since left comments on the viral TikTok video, with most marvelling at the ingenuity.

One said: "You can literally do anything in a high-vis and no one looks twice."

A second said: "Not all hero's wear capes."

Another wrote: "Keep one in the car for emergencies at all times."

"High-vis will open so many doors. Act confident and keep walking," commented a fourth.

A fifth added: "Clipboards and hard hats are also good for problem solving."


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