Horned QAnon 'shaman' Jake Angeli who stormed Capitol says he can 'travel to other dimensions to fight pedos' in rant

A MAGA rioter who broke into the Senate chamber calls himself the "Q Shaman" while claiming he can fight pedos in other "dimensions."

Jake Angeli, 32, was pictured wearing a horned fur hat as he stormed the US Capitol building yesterday.

He was seen shouting as he stood on top of the lectern in the Senate chamber amid chaotic scenes which rocked American democracy.

Now, a filmed interview has emerged of the tattooed oddball who has gained a following spouting QAnon conspiracy theories online.

QAnon followers believe, without any evidence, that Donald Trump is trying to stop a wealthy pedophile cult controlled by banking elites and members of the Democratic Party.

In the interview, filmed at an event in Arizona last year, Angeli explained his supposed powers.

He said: "As a shaman, I am like a multi-dimensional or hyper dimensional being, ok."

The 32-year-old, who previously identified as a singer and actor, claims he is able to "see into these other higher dimensions that these entities – these pedophiles, these rapists, these really high up people…

…that they almost hide in the shadows in."

He added: "And most people can't see that because the third eye ain't open."

Among his bonkers claims, he said the world elites have underground bases where they are developing "anti-gravity technology" and "infinite energy."

In the 10 minute rant, in which his views are never questioned, he also said the elites, including the "banking cartels", are involved in "cloning and all sorts of crazy stuff" and want to create a "one world government."

He said Trump is like the "good cop in this global organisation" who is personally responsible for the arrests of Harvey Weinstein and the leaking of Hillary Clinton's campaign emails.

After watching the clip, one social media user wrote: "His brain is like a conspiracy theory playlist that has been set to random."

Angeli was one of hundreds of people to break through the police barricade and storm the Capitol building as lawmakers met to certify the results of November's election.

And as the rioters broke into the building, the violence escalated.

One woman who was shot by police and later died in hospital.

Washington DC Police also confirmed that another three people died from "medical emergencies" but no further details have yet been provided.

Another Trump fan was injured after falling from a balcony at the Capitol.

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