Horrified tourist finds human leg on beach in holiday hotspot popular with Brits

A severed human leg and hip were found on a beach in a popular Spanish holiday hotspot.

The beaches of Gandia, Spain, are normally teeming with Brits looking for some late Summer sun at this time of year.

But yesterday (Monday, September 4) the beach was swarming with police and forensic experts after a grim discovery was made.

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A woman who went for a walk along the shoreline spotted something odd in the sand and decided to start digging – but instantly regretted her life choice when she found it was a severed human leg and partial hip.

Emergency services were called and a full investigation is now underway.

According to police sources, it is possible the limb came from someone on a boat, and looks as if it was detached while at sea.

It is thought that it had travelled “many miles” and could have been from a boat going from Italy, and that it belonged to a male.

The leg has been removed and taken to the Forensic Anatomical Institute of Valencia for analysis, but were said to be an in “advanced state of decomposition”.

A spokesman for the local police said: “The leg had no fractures, the sea took it out whole, from the hip to the ankle.

“It was very badly decomposed.

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“The few remains of clothing and the material with which it was made indicate that it is a person who was trying to reach Europe.”

A DNA test will also be carried out to see if it matches any recent missing persons reports.

A search for the rest of the body is also taking place, although local officials are not confident of finding anything.

The beach was closed for several hours, after locals started flocking to it to get a look at the grim find, but it was reopened once the limb had been removed by experts.

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