Hunter Biden was 8 when he first tried booze at dad's Senate party & drank so much beer as teen he puked outside church

HUNTER Biden was only 8 years old when he first tried a sip of alcohol at his now-presidential father's Senate party – and even threw up outside of a church when he got too drunk as a teen.

The president's son confesses in a new book that then 8-year-old Hunter took a swig of champagne at a party celebrating Joe's 1978 re-election to the US Senate.

His new book "Beautiful Things," which he was paid a nice $2 million by Simon & Schuster Gallery Books, features a number of stories of the troubled Biden, including his drug and alcohol use and his affair with Hallie Biden.

One of the stories in the book, which is set to be released on April 6, describes a story of Hunter at the age of 14 downing so much beer that he had to rush out of church to vomit while attending mass with the religious Joe.

"The book says Joe thought he had the flu," publishing insider who is familiar with his 255 page memoir told The Sun.

Joe Biden famously abstains from alcohol, which is not for without reason.

"The book reveals the reason," says the insider. "When Joe was growing up, he had relatives who had struggled with alcoholism since high school."

Instead, the insider says Joe Biden decided to removed himself from alcohol as a result of his relatives.

"It scared him. He begged Hunter and his brother Beau not to fall into the same pit. Beau drank socially in his 20s and then quit at thirty. Hunter couldn’t do it."

Also in Hunter's book, he shared details of his secret relationship with his brother's widow.

Hunter, 51, began his secret relationship with Hallie Biden after his older brother, Beau, died of brain cancer in May 2015.

Hunter admits in his book that his ex-wife, Kathleen, found the texts he sent to his brother's widow Hallie on an old iPad.

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