Husband of Brit murdered by burglars reveals moment cops said 'she's gone, try to calm down' as he hugged wife’s body

THE HUSBAND of murdered Brit has revealed the heart-breaking moment a police officer told him "she's gone, try to calm down" as he hugged his wife's body.

Pilot Charalambos Anagnostopoulos, 32, described in a shocking testimony what he remembers from the tragic night Caroline Crouch was killed by a group of burglars who also held a gun to their 11-month-old daughter Lydia.

The cruel gang broke into the pair's home in Glyka Nera at around 5am on May 11 and killed the young mum while forcing her to reveal where £30,000-worth of cash and jewellery.

Charalambos who survived the attack after he was tied to a chair and blind-folded with duct tape, described to Alpha News the moments he realised his wife was dead after he regained consciousness.

"When I got up I saw my wife motionless on the floor. Her hands were tied. "Our daughter was next to her awake but not crying.

"I hugged my wife and daughter crying and the police officer told me 'she's gone, try to calm down'.

"I was in shock, I got my daughter and went outside."

The devastated dad had previously said that the pair had begged the gang not to hurt them and their baby, as his wife screamed for help.

According to local news, earlier this week Charalambos underwent a listening test in a bid to identify the language the thieves were speaking.

He was able to determine that it was either Albanian or Bulgarian.

After looking at 150 photos he managed to narrow down the list of suspects to ten.

The man's testimony comes as Greek police believe they are closer to the leader of the brutal gang.

The Albanian suspect is described as "strong, around 5ft 5ins, with short blond hair," who reportedly "is a violent abuser who hates women," reports Star.

Last week it was reported that no DNA has been found under the 20-year-old's fingernails that would help police identify the burglars.

It came after CCTV footage showed a suspicious car followed by a motorbike fleeing the scene.

Meanwhile, experts claimed the culprits may never be caught as police failed to arrest the gang weeks after the murder.

Police sources told local media that the evidence found was so little as if the burglars "had bleached the entire house" before leaving.

The gang escaped with £30,000 in cash and jewels, but cops think they believed another £86,000 was hidden there.

Currently there is a reward of £250,000 for information into the young mum's death.

Meanwhile, calls also mounted Friday for the psychologist who says she had been treating Caroline to prove she is a certified practitioner.

The Association of Greek Psychologists gave Eleni Mylonopoulou two days to provide documents proving she is registered doctor after she shocked the profession by talking openly about the couple on TV. 

In her testimony to the Property Rights Department, she claimed that she was wrongly branded as a psychologist by the media.

She said: "I did not introduce myself as a psychologist to the 20-year-old girl. 

"I have a counselling centre for therapeutic hypnosis, psychotherapeutic and counseling."

The psychologist had described Caroline as "a very happy girl" who was always accompanied to the sessions by her loving husband

She told local media that the couple had "no issues in their relationship."

Police sources said that if it was proved Mylonopoulou was not a registered doctor "the inquiry will take a different turn." 

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