I gave my baby son unusual name after he defied all the odds to survive – now I can’t believe how he’s living up to it | The Sun

FOR almost three weeks White Van Man Dan Ware feared the worst after doctors predicted his tiny, premature son wouldn’t pull through.

The 44-year-old driver from Medway, Kent had famously shown his resolve in 2014 by hitting back at sneering Labour MP Emily Thornberry when she tweeted about the England flags flying from his home.

But watching helplessly as his son battled for his life in April last year was, Dan admits, “scary”.

He had arrived 10 weeks early weighing just 3lb 8oz – around half the average birth weight for a boy in this country.

Not long afterwards it dropped further to a perilous 2lbs – less than a bag of sugar.

Dad-of-five Dan tells The Sun: “He could sit in the palm of my hand, he was like a little puppy.

“The doctors didn’t think he would pull through.”

The little lad was placed in an incubator at the Oliver Fisher Baby Care Unit in Medway, Kent, under blue lights and was fed through a tube.

Gradually, though, he found his strength and pulled through.

It was a dramatic turnaround which inspired Dan to give his newborn an unusual middle name – Hulk.

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Teddy is now doing well – pictured celebrating his first birthdayCredit: Dan Ware
Dan has a tattoo tribute to his sonCredit: JOHN McLELLAN

Now Teddy Hulk is a bright and happy one-year-old, pulling himself up everywhere and taking on the world.

Dan says proudly: “He shouldn’t have made it, but he did fight and he did win. He defied the odds.

“His middle name is Hulk, that’s on his birth certificate, because he is incredible to us.

“He is getting big, living up to his name!”

For Dan, life is a blessing at the moment, despite struggling with the cost of living crisis.

His middle name is Hulk, that’s on his birth certificate, because he is incredible to us

He had not expected to find romance when he met Teddy’s mum Sarah Davidson, 40, in July 2020 during the pandemic.

They were both part of an Amazon gifting page, where members chat and buy each other presents.

Dan explains: “I had been single for a year and so had she, and it kind of just happened.

"We were having a laugh and the next thing you know a wedding was booked and she was having a baby.

“We met in July and got engaged in September. I am quite a fast mover – you know when it is right.

We met in July and got engaged in September. I am quite a fast mover – you know when it is right

“I proposed and we didn’t expect her to get pregnant, we both have children in their late teens, early 20s.”

Sarah had needed caesarean births previously and a doctor cautioned against going ahead with the pregnancy.

But Dan says: “We were both against terminating.”

The couple postponed their wedding due Teddy’s arrival, and because of the pandemic, but have a venue booked for next year.

Dan adds: “She really is the world to me. If she had never been on that Amazon wish list group we’d never have met.”

Dan inadvertently caused Emily Thornberry to resign when she made a sneering remark about a St George's flag on the front of his house.

She tweeted a picture of his terraced home complete with three England flags and his white van.

She had tweeted a photo of the car dealer’s white van on the drive under the caption: “Image from #Rochester.”

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Thornberry was criticised across the political spectrum for sneering at working class voters.

Dan said: “I will never forget how insulting Emily Thornberry was to me and Britain’s working class voters when she tweeted a picture of my house in 2014."

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