I have Britain’s biggest penis… but whenever I tell women they always say the same thing | The Sun

A MAN who claims he has one of Britain's biggest penises has told how women react to his giant member.

Andy Lee, 34, originally from Dublin but living in Stevenage, has a 10.5 inch penis – thought to be one of the largest in the UK.

The Irishman is proud of his colossal bulge as it’s how he rakes in tens of thousands of pounds every month.

However, he says having a giant todger also has its downsides.

Andy told The Sun: "There have been times where I have physically not been able to have sex.

"It's so big that it would not fit in. That can be extremely frustrating.


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"Normally I will tell girls beforehand. I’ll say ‘ I’m a bit above average downstairs’.

"They always say ‘every lad says that’. But then when they see it they are shocked. They never believe me.

"Every single person to has seen my penis has been shocked – even if they’ve seen photos of it before.

"I can’t wear tight pants at all. I can’t post pictures of myself in shorts on Instagram. They get taken down or reported. 

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"It’s because my penis is so large that it looks like its erect. When I walk around people stare."

Andy now lives a life of luxury, regularly jetting off on holidays around the world.

But as a child, he grew up on one of Dublin's roughest areas.

He told The Sun: “I was poor growing up. I came from a poverty area. We lived on Sherrif Street.  

“I was raised by a single mum with six kids. We didn’t have anything. Then my mum died when I was young and I don't have a dad.

“90 per cent of my friends from our area are in prison or dead now. It’s the reason I left Ireland – because there was so much crime.

“Now I’m a porn star. I do mainstream porn and OnlyFans. I don’t want to brag about money but I’m very successful.

“So it’s kind of a success story – I’ve got everything I need in life now all thanks to my big d**k.

“I’m the most successful Irish porn star in the world.”

His job means he's able to splash out on flash cars and treat his family.

He explained: “Thanks to my d**k I’ve bought a Mustang 5 litre GT. I’ve bought a house in Spain. I live comfortably.

“I’ve been able to help out family members who haven’t been able to afford their bills.

“It gives me the option to do that – to help people.

“I was able to bring my brother over to the UK and I bought him a car.

“I’ve managed to change his life and get him away from crime."

In October Andy appeared on Channel 4's show My Massive C**k where he joined other well-endowed men.

Those who tuned in were left absolutely gobsmacked with what they saw.

The broadcaster – which is also behind X-rated dating show Naked Attraction – had already attracted plenty of attention with their to-the-point title.

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But viewers couldn't believe quite how in-depth the documentary was, with full-frontal shots of penises being shown left, right and centre.

Another man on the show opened up about ridiculed on a daily basis because of his penis size.

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