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ADMIRING their figure in the mirror, Reenaye Starr has never felt so happy – especially after getting married to their dream partner a week ago.

The non-binary American tips the scales at 46st and, despite doctors' concerns, couldn't feel more comfortable in their body, even making a career as a porn star.

In a chat with The Sun, Reenaye, 42, from Florida, explains: "As a super fat person, anytime I go to the doctor’s – no matter what it’s for – the first thing they tell me is to lose weight.

"I’ve been there for something completely unrelated and they diagnose me with morbid obesity – I could have told you that myself."

After years of trauma, Reenaye, who identifies with the pronouns they and them, has found happiness after marrying the love of their life, Romain, 36, after they began dating in 2019.

Their relationship is examined in the second series of the Channel 4 documentary Sex Actually with Alice Levine, where the couple lay bare their unusual bedroom kinks.


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Kinky interests

Reenaye first got into porn at 22 and explains: "I’m kind of a freak. I love to have fun and I’m kinky. And I’m pretty body and sex-positive."

They are one of the most famous faces of 'feederism', a fat fetish where people get turned on by the idea of eating and weight.

Many who practise it derive sexual pleasure from feeding their partners and encourage them to put on weight.

Reenaye is fully aware of the health implications that come with their weight and has had many unsolicited warnings from health professionals to shed some of it.

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They explain: "I am disabled and my family is prone to crippling arthritis and my knees have pretty much no cartilage left in them. I became disabled before becoming this fat. Whenever people see me on a scooter they assume it’s the other way around.

"Other than that, I’m actually pretty healthy. All my blood panels always come back good. I know that being into feederism and being my size can have health repercussions.

"We call it RACK in the kink world – Risk Aware Consensual Kink. My partner and I know how to separate fantasy from reality. In fantasy, I can be outgrowing my house and become the saddest blob ever but in reality, we actually work out every day at 10am."

Reeyane says that despite working out regularly, weight loss has never been their ultimate goal, explaining that they find it "triggering".

They say: "When we are working out, we say it’s not about loss. It’s about gains. So the things that I’m trying to gain are a healthier heart and lungs and motion in my legs. Weight loss isn’t my goal at all.” 

'Seen and valued'

Romain – who lives in France – was Reenaye's client for two years before they decided to take their connection to the next level.

Reenaye explains: "As soon as we met, things took a turn because I was extremely attracted to them from the beginning but I was also married at the time – it was a polyamorous relationship.

"I’m not usually attracted to my clients but Romain is special and also my person. The attraction grew and grew we became inseparable. And when I was going through my separation with my ex, they were there for me and our relationship grew from there.” 

Reenaye admits they initially had doubts about whether Romain only liked them for the fetish or really wanted to be with them for who they are.

The fetish part is honestly a bonus in our relationship – it's not even the biggest part of it.

"It crossed my mind at some point but really early into our relationship, it became clear that the person that they're in love with is Raine [their real name] and not Reenaye Starr.

"We do a lot of goofy, romantic things together as they're far away and we have to find creative ways to connect. I don't really question that anymore at all because it's so evident in the way they treat me that they love me.

"The fetish part is honestly a bonus in our relationship – it's not even the biggest part of it. They make me feel seen, valued and accepted. It's the most romantic relationship I've ever had.

"We got our engagement rings tattooed on while they were here. It's a compass so that we can always find our way back home to each other."

Internet abuse

Reenaye, who stars in cooking shows on YouTube, has two children – and despite their best efforts to shield them from what they do, their 16-year-old has figured it out.

"He came to me and said, 'Hey, I know what you do for work'," Reenaye says.

"And I said okay, I'm a sex worker and that's the extent of the conversation we're going to have about it because it's not appropriate for children.

"He knows and he seems fine about it. He writes stuff on his Instagram stories that are pro-sex work. He knows that I work hard and at the end of the day my goal is to support my family, which I'm doing quite well."

Although Reenaye's family is okay with their chosen profession, there are trolls online who target them with abusive comments and messages on a daily basis.

Reenaye says: "Everyone is different and we all have to find our own path in this life. People always say, 'Oh, you sell your body on the internet'.

"Well, people sell their bodies and souls all day every day to work for the man for minimum wage. Every day, someone is telling me that I’m going to die – it’s super abusive. That’s the most hateful thing people say.

"Some say I’m gross. It’s the same drags people tried to pull me through since grade school. People will say things like I’m a cow and dirty. It’s just a bunch of hate and I’m not here for that.

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"I enjoy my job and my life and I'm surrounded by people who love me and empowered people who love themselves and love their bodies.

"And honestly, that's good enough for me."

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