I’m a self-made millionaire who many thought would be homeless – two things keep people poor and they may not like them | The Sun

A SELF-MADE millionaire has warned about the top two things that keep people poor and shares his tips on how to break the cycle.

Josh King Madrid, 24, was branded a "stupid loser" and "most likely to end up homeless" at school but is no worth more than $20 million.

Known as Jet-Set, the young entrepreneur has already built, lost and rebuilt a fortune by the age that many people are at the beginning of their careers.

Dropping out of the University of California Irvine after just one term, he became a self-made millionaire in 2016 aged just 20 through investments in eCommerce.

He has revealed the two things that, in his opinion, keep people poor: laziness and self-pity.

Josh said: "If you want to create the life of your dreams, you have to start by taking 100% responsibility for everything that happens to you.

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"The first thing to do is get rid of any laziness and self-pity. That kind of mentality will just keep you poor – the sooner you realise that, the better.

"It is so easy to blame others for your misfortune. The key to success is taking responsibility and moving forward."

It wasn't all smooth sailing for Josh, as he lost his fortune, house and car over the course of just 45 days in 2019.

He admitted feeling bitter over the loss but says that he learned to "let go and forgive" since he turned to God.

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He added that this religious awakening helped him to get his business career back on track and he has now rebuilt his fortune through setting up his website NFTMagazine.

Josh now mocks his bullies and doubters through Instagram – where he shares images of his luxurious holidays and lavish lifestyle.

That's not difficult given that he lives in a three-story beachfront mansion in California and is regularly snapped with supercars and glam companions.

He said: "I am just blessed and grateful that I used my tough times as a learning lesson. I spent two years isolated, but I was never alone.

"I got to know God and through his grace I stumbled across a book called Power Vs. Force that taught me how to let go and forgive.

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"Manifesting goals and making a lot of money is the easiest thing ever once you decide to take ownership of your life instead of pointing the finger at others."

He also insisted that being "broke for a while" is good as it makes people more humble and makes overcoming obstacles all the more satisfying.

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