Indonesian landslides kills 11 and injures 18 after downfall of heavy rain

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11 people have died following two landslides in Indonesia, hours after it was reported that 65 people are feared to be dead following a plane crash.

The landslides at Cihanjuang Village in West Java, southeast of the Jakarta, are believed to have happened around 4pm local time [9am UK time] on Saturday, a spokesperson for the National Board of Disaster Management (BNPB) confirmed.

Raditya Jati, BNPB spokesman added: "The first landslide was triggered by high rainfall and unstable soil conditions. The subsequent landslide occurred while officers were still evacuating victims around the first landslide area."

It's believed that search and rescue mission workers are among those that have died in the incident.

Currently, the area is facing extreme rain and thunderstorms, which are said to be wreaking havoc with the rescue operation.

The rescue mission will continue today, with members of the Indonesian army and police force joining with local disaster workers who are awaiting the arrival of further rescue equipment.

Indonesian President Joko Widodo said in October 2020 that heavy rain from a La Nina weather system could cause flooding as well as landslides and affect the agricultural industry of the country.

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A La Nina pattern is characterized by unusually cold temperatures around the Pacific Ocean countries.

Indonesia is frequently hit by landslides as well as floods during the rainy season which normally runs from November to March, over recent years, this has been worsened by the deforestation around the country.

The tragedy comes less than 24 hours after an Indonesian aircraft crashed into the ocean, five minutes after taking off from nearby Jakarta airport.

According to flight manifests, 62 people, including crew were onboard flight SJ182 when it lost contact with air control at around 2.30pm on January 9.

Indonesian news outlet Rublica said 56 adults were among the dead, including 5 children and one baby.

It is understood the plane fell more than 10,000ft in one minute before it burst into flames and crashed into the sea.

Indonesian Transport Ministry spokesman, Adita Irawati, confirmed that there had been a loss of contact with the Sriwijaya Air aircraft, CBS Indonesia reports.

He said: "We are currently under investigation and coordinated with Basarnas and the National Transportation Accident Committee (KNKT)."

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