Inside creepy abandoned home with family’s smashed up Porsche rusting in garage

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Urban explorers have been left to ponder the mystery of the abandoned 'Porsche House' – as no one knows exactly why the property has been left to rot.

The once luxury family home was vacated by its residents in 2009 with much of the owners' property, including desktop computers, a piano and a custom jacuzzi, simply left behind.

Outside the property, a BMW and a Porsche can be seen parked in the very spot they were left in years ago, collecting rust as overgrown shrubbery works its way through the mechanisms.

Photographer Adam Skonecki, aka @skeezy.explores on Instagram, posted pictures of the isolated beauty which he has visited a 'handful of times' as he believes the property will soon be demolished.

The stunning snaps showed inside what once would have been anyone's dream family home – only there were papers and broken furniture scattered around so much you can barely see the floor.

A captivating shot of what was once the custom jacuzzi can be seen covered in much but its beautiful mosaic-style work is still intact.

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The house seems to have been completely ransacked and some vandals have spray-painted 'Among Us' symbols all over the walls and even graffitied the BMW.

It makes you wonder what the place looked like when the family left – was it in pristine condition or was the destruction why they left?

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Abandoned Beauties members debated why they may have left with one Facebook user suggesting they were "in the witness protection programme."

Another said: "100% witness protection or mafia killings."

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"They probably had to run from the mob and are now living in an undisclosed location and are members of the witness protection program so they have to remain in hiding but I bet they still miss the Porsche," a third added.

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Other members seemed to be very shocked and dishearted by the damage done to the property.

Due to the vandalism of the home, The Daily Star has been asked to not name the location of the house to prevent more damage so other explorers can enjoy.

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