Inside creepy theme park dubbed ‘Jesus’ junkyard’ left abandoned for decades

An urban explorer has shared eerie snaps of an unfinished religious theme park that closed for renovations in 1984 but never reopened.

Holyland USA was founded by John Baptist Greco in 1955 after he took inspiration from Bible passages to create an unsegregated theme park for people to be peaceful together.

The 18-acre attraction in Waterbury, Connecticut features a chapel, stations of the cross, and replicas of catacombs and Israelite villages constructed from cinder blocks.

Also among its most popular features that would attract up to 40,000 visitors a year were its Garden of Eden, the ministry of Jesus and the 56-foot centrepiece cross with an illuminated sign that read "Holy Land USA"

Its peak years in the 1960s and 70s prompted its creators to plan a huge expansion and they closed the park in 1984 to get started.

But two years later, Greco died and the building work went unfinished.

The park remained abandoned ever since, but in 2014, the land which has now been dubbed 'Jesus's junkyard' got a second wind at being an attraction as it became open to urban explorers to take a look around.

Now, Urbex Muse has shared images from her visit on Instagram – including the Israelite buildings and the huge white-cross which appear untouched by time.

The iconic images loved by over 3k followers were captioned: "Abandoned religious theme park aka the Jesus junkyard."

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Her fans were fascinated by the pictures she posted, as one user said: "That place looks fascinating, I wonder about its history. Also, the fact it’s all white paint is odd."

Another added: "Holy ground has always freaked me out a little too much to go, so dope though."

A third commented: "Driven passed that old cross so many times. I’m not religious, but it does look pretty damn cool when it’s lit at night."

A fourth wrote: "I've driven by seeing the cross for years never knowing it was abandoned, omg I need to go."

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