Inside flat block hell where ‘naked sex pest runs corridors banging on doors’

A sheltered housing block of flats allegedly has a naked pest known to run down the hallways banging on doors.

Some residents have been left saying that the events in their Hillington, London, sheltered accommodation “frightens the life out of them”. The flats are located in the mixed housing block The Gouldings in Hillingdon, above the busiest shopping centre in Uxbridge in the west of the city.

The mixed nature of the block means that it has both sheltered housing in, as well as open market homes. Council tenants and private renters are all in the development – although change is on the horizon with the entire block soon to be changed to general housing.

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Despite being quiet, the block has a litany of issues with some people reporting to MyLondon that people have been spotted using the lifts as both bins and toilets. Others allegedly claimed they were racially abused.

This led Marlene Blair, 71, to say she felt it should never have reached a point where the block was being used as sheltered housing to start with. “It’s terrible,” she told a local democracy reporting service. “It’s good for security and shopping but everything else is not. This could not be considered sheltered housing because the community centre is never used.”

Marlene, who has mobility issues, added: “You feel totally isolated here and when you try and get the warden nothing happens. I have lived in sheltered housing before and for me, this isn’t sheltered housing.”

She said there was a lack of community and a sense of isolation, something that she said came as little surprise. “

There are a lot of mental health patients and drug users [in the block]…I can understand why people don’t want to know one another because you don’t know who you are getting next door.”

She said her neighbour, “frightens the life out of me,” adding that he was a “real mad one”.

“Apparently he does rude things although I haven’t experienced that. Exposing himself.”

Another resident is understood to have backed this up by claiming to have seen a video of him masturbating outside of his front door. The same resident said that at night he runs down the corridors with no clothes on, banging on peoples’ doors. The police have not been able to support any of these claims.

Hillingdon Council told MyLondon: “We take reports of anti-social behaviour very seriously and are investigating the issues raised. We will take any necessary action and encourage tenants to report anti-social behaviour directly to our Scheme Manager, Tenancy Management Officer, or as part of our planned one-to-one relocation visits.”

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