Inside tiny London flat so small that oven and fridge are underneath the bed

The UK's property market is a mess and a bizarre studio flat in London is the perfect example of that.

For the eye-watering sum of £1,200 per month – which is enough to bag you a four-bedroom family home in most parts of Manchester – a flat is available on Wrights Lane in London.

Just a short walk from High Street Kensington station, the very small property has a bedroom, dining room and kitchen… all in one room.

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Yes, you did read that correctly, and it's available to view on OpenRent.

The two-room property – not two bedrooms, just two rooms – is on the market for just one tenant.

Described as having an “open plan kitchenette”, images from inside show how the top half of a bunk bed hangs over the loosely-termed kitchenette, which has just one surface to work from.

A six-rung ladder is plonked in the middle of the property's one main floor space, with a half-table and one single chair found underneath the other side of the bed.

A wardrobe is found opposite the mini fridge, which appears to not be able to open properly as it is located about one foot across from the ladder.

The ladder and a bed support beam also makes it virtually impossible to cook, too, so… enjoy that one.

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The bed also blocks half of the window, so the property will be depressingly dark as well as very cramped.

Good look ever having friends round to this property as there isn't actually any lounge area, either.

The bathroom is a decent size, if a little outdated.

It comes with a full-size shower and toilet, with a floating sink, although there appears to be no room for any storage at all.

It's not all bad, however, as it comes with an EPC energy rating of B.

However, you'll have to pay £1,384.61 up front as a deposit on top of your £1,200 per month – although that does include bills.

Minimum tenancy is just six months.

It's only a short walk to the Natural History Museum, Royal Albert Hall and Kensington Palace, so at least you'll have the busy footfall and traffic noises outside to make sure you don't go totally stir-crazy staring at the one wall that isn't blocked by the bed.

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