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THEIR chilling weapons summit marks the meeting of two tyrannical minds.

And as Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-un today vowed to fight a "sacred" battle against the West, the pair certainly appeared to share a lot of terrifying values.

The North Korean leader told Putin that he was sure that the Russian army and people would triumph against "evil" in a two-hour meeting today.

For psychologist Emma Kenny, the two despots' creepily similar lives – from bizarre photoshoots to mysterious lovers – not only give an insight into their warped minds, but also provide a dangerous playbook for future despots.

She says: "The striking parallels between Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-un in their leadership styles, media control, and suppression of dissent are deeply concerning for international observers.

"The similarities in their tactics highlight a troubling pattern: modern autocrats seem to be borrowing from one another's playbooks, perfecting strategies to consolidate power, silence opposition, and maintain a tight grip on their nations.


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"From staging elaborate propaganda events and leveraging state-controlled media, to squelching protests and sidelining potential threats within their respective administrations, the similarities in their approaches are more than coincidental."

Here, we reveal how Putin and Kim are sinister soulmates – and what it says about them.

Keeping lovers a mystery

While the two nuclear-armed tyrants have no issue with showing off their firepower in public, the details of their lovers are veiled in secrecy.

The public sightings of Ri Sol Ju, Kim's wife, are so rare that the former cheerleader remains one of the most mysterious figures on the world stage.

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Believed to be in her 30s, the only detail Ri's hermit husband wants publicly known is her love for posh handbags.

Ri's exclusivity is only rivalled by Putin's secret girlfriend Olympic gold-medal gymnast Alina Kabaeva.

Dubbed "Russia's most flexible woman", the blue-eyed mistress is allegedly holed up away from prying eyes in a luxury Swiss mountain bolthole.

Emma claims their controlling behaviour shows a desire to create a sense of 'alluring' mystery akin to Hollywood celebrities.

She said: "Both leaders come from countries where a tight grip on media means they can control the narrative around them.

"In such regimes, the personal lives of leaders are closely guarded.

"This secrecy might be intended to keep the leaders' lives private, but it also has the side effect of creating intrigue and speculation.

"In turn, this intrigue can make them appear more powerful or elusive. The same way that mystery increases the allure of celebrities, keeping details of their personal lives hidden can enhance their aura of power."

Short man syndrome

Putin and Kim's incessant disruption of international order is said to be fuelled by their lack of inches.

Both despots reportedly stand tall at an unimpressive 5ft 7in – a few smidgens shorter than the average height for adult men.

And when they're pitted against 6ft 2in giants like Donald Trump, their minute statures are compensated with hot tempers and escalations in war.

It has led to defence chiefs labelling the men as "lunatics" with "small man syndrome".

Emma believes they both appear to struggle with insecurities.

She said: "Labelling someone with 'short man syndrome' or the 'Napoleon complex' can be considered overly simplistic and potentially problematic.

"However, height can play into how a leader is perceived, especially when they're interacting with taller counterparts on the
international stage.

"If they do feel insecure about their height, they may exhibit more
dominant or aggressive behaviours to compensate."

Bizarre photoshoots

In 2015, mad Vlad released a bizarre pic collage of his wild and fearless pursuits to ingratiate the people of Russia.

The shocking images showed shirtless Putin saddled up to a steed galloping through Siberia's rugged terrain before opting for a few laps of butterfly in a freezing cold lake.

Aside from the dad bod montage, the Russian leader was also captured sickly smiling with a pod of dolphins and even subduing a tiger.

A few years later, the North Korean tubby tyrant decided it was time for the world to see him going horseback in the snowy peaks of sacred Mount Paektu.

Emma believes the propaganda stunts could be linked to a desperate need for leaders to insert themselves as "divine" figures in a country's grand history.

She said: "Propaganda is a powerful tool, especially in totalitarian regimes.

"These photo shoots can serve to portray the leader as a larger-than-life figure, a hero, or someone with divine connections.

"Such imagery is meant to solidify their status in their country's history and mythology.

"Additionally, if there's any truth to the 'short man syndrome' theory, these photo shoots can serve as compensation."

An obsession with nuclear arsenals

Considered the most dangerous weapons on Earth, it is no wonder both Putin and Kim have developed a fetish for nuclear arsenals.

Both countries continue to spend hundreds of millions on nukes every year as their leaders develop a grim obsession with global power.

Emma said upstaging fellow leaders with nuclear weapons even denoted phallic symbolism.

She said: "Possessing nuclear weapons is a significant source of power and security on the world stage.

"Their obsession could be viewed from the lens of symbolism, where having the 'biggest' nuclear arsenal signifies dominance."

Fandom for unrealistic spy movies 

Both men reportedly share a childlike fantasy for unrealistic spy films – and idolise secret agents.

Pals of Kim Jong-un have spoken of his fondness for James Bond films and Jackie Chan action movies, it was reported.

While Putin is said to be a super fan of the 1968 Soviet film The Shield and the Sword – a miraculous tale about a Russian agent who infiltrates German SS during World War II.

Emma said their fascination with spy movies might indicate a love for strategy, intrigue, and power plays.

She said: "For leaders of countries known for their espionage capabilities, this fascination can also provide insight into their mindset.

"The chances are that they also relate in their minds to the
heroes in these films, who often overcome the impossible to achieve their goals."

Bizarre "bromances"

Both men have indulged in extramarital "bromances" that has left many critics gobsmacked.

Former NBA star Dennis Rodman is reportedly a close pal of Kim Jong-un.

The Chicago Bulls ace has been pictured court-side with the dictator as well as visiting Pyongyang for Kim's birthday.

Putin on the other hand has developed a weird friendship with disgraced Steven Seagal.

The martial arts enthusiasts love rolling together on the floors of dojos and have been friends since 2003.

Emma said: "The friendships are indeed intriguing.

"They could be seen as efforts to humanise the leaders
or to demonstrate they can form bonds even with those who come from very different worlds.

"It could also be an attempt to show that they are modern and in tune with popular culture.

"Leaders often have a similar narcissistic streak to certain celebrities meaning that they like to be seen with other powerful people, as it makes them feel notable and special."

The diet of an antiquated emperor

Countless pictures have emerged of fridge-raiding Kim tucking into gluttonous feasts.

He reportedly has an insatiable appetite for expensive steaks, smelly cheese and lots of wine.

The North Korean leader, who has a team of personal chefs, also enjoys luxury foods such as Foie grass and Wagyu beef that can cost up to £240.

His emperor-like diet is mirrored by Putin who reportedly gorges on porridge and Russian cheese with honey for breakfast.

To add to the grandeur, he swills it down with a glass of raw quail eggs, local media claimed.

Kremlin chef Anatoly Galkin said Putin also enjoyed a glass of posh wine with his tea and shot of Dagestan cognac to finish the night off.

Emma said: "Lavish diets can be viewed as another display of power and opulence.


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"For Kim Jong-un, his diet contrasts sharply with the food shortages in North Korea, which might accentuate the gap between the ruler and the ruled.

"Putin’s diet, on the other hand, suggests a focus on health and longevity, in line with his portrayal as an active, fit leader."

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