Iran regime ‘torturing children by hanging them until arms almost rip off’ claim

Iran’s intelligence and security forces have been "committing horrific acts of torture", including forcing confessions by "hanging kids up until their arms were about to rip off".

In a bid to quell dissent in the wake of the killing of Mahsa (Zhina) Amini at the hand's of the country's 'morality police', the government has undertaken a harsh crackdown on protesting.

But Amnesty International has claimed in a damning report that the crackdown has crossed over into "acts of torture, including beatings, flogging, electric shocks, rape and other sexual violence" against child protesters as young as 12.

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The organisation's research reveals that state agents used rape and other sexual violence, including electric shocks to genitals, touching genitals and rape threats, as tools to suppress dissent.

One mother told Amnesty International that state agents raped her son with a hosepipe. These disgusting methods were used to break their spirits, humiliate and punish the children, and/or to extract “confessions”.

She said: “My son told me: ‘They hung [me] to the point that I felt like my arms were about to rip off. I was forced to say what they wanted because they raped me with a hosepipe. They were taking my hand and forcibly making me fingerprint the papers’.”

Children were also subject to beatings, floggings, electric shocks and other abuses, including mental torture.

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One young victim told a relative: "They gave us electric shocks, hit me in my face with the back of a gun, gave electric shocks to my back and beat me on my feet, back and hands with batons.

"They threatened that if we told anyone, they would [detain us again], do even worse and deliver our corpses to our families."

Another victim told of some of the more bizarre punishments meted out by the regime, including being forced to act like a "chicken".

“They told us [over a dozen people] to make chicken noises for half an hour – for so long that we ‘lay eggs’. They forced us to do push-ups for one hour. I was the only child there. In another detention centre, they put 30 of us in a cage made for five people," he recounted.

If you or somebody you know has been affected by this story, contact Victim Support for free, confidential advice on 08 08 16 89 111 or visit their website,


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