Israeli soldier recalls being shot 12 times by Hamas and playing dead for hours

An Israeli soldier has miraculously survived after being shot 12 times by Hamas during the terror group’s October 7 attack.

Israel Defense Forces First Lt. Eden Ram had to lay still on the ground among her dead friends as she “waited for the final bullet.”

She has now opened up about her traumatic experience while stationed at the Urim Southern District Base, where they were ambushed by Hamas operatives.

Lt Ram recalled how Hamas stormed the base before opening fire.

She wrote on “Throughout this, I was not sure if I was dead or alive.

“I felt dead, but I could still see and hear and feel. I waited for the final bullet that would hit and kill me, but it never came.”

While Lt Ram thought she was about to die, she played dead for hours while Hamas checked the bodies.

Lying among the bodies, she felt the breath of her friend Sahar who had also survived the attack.

When the Hamas militants had gone, Sahar helped Lt Ram, who had been shot in her legs, left arm, and shoulder.

Lt Ram recalled: “I was in so much pain that I couldn’t say a word — angels came to save me.

“They took me to Soroka Hospital [in Beer Sheba], and on the way, I immediately asked to call my family and tell them that I was alive against all odds!”

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She had to have two life-saving operations and doctors also put her on ventilation for the next three days.

Lt Ram is now walking having had a successful rehabilitation.

Last week, she received an award from Israel President Isaac Herzog for her bravery on October 7.

She said: “The difficult moments will accompany me forever. I had hard thoughts about whether I was even alive and if I would be able to hold on, but then a miracle called me.”

Israel is continuing its military operations in Gaza, including ground operations.

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