It's snow excuse to stay home! Revellers brave the cold in fancy dress

It’s snow excuse to stay home! Revellers brave the cold in fancy dress to enjoy Saturday night out despite freezing conditions – amid yellow snow and ice warning and looming Arctic blast threatening a White Easter

  • Revellers in Leeds braved icy and snow conditions to head on a boozy night out
  • The Met Office had a warning until 9am today with weather to become milder 
  • However it will be short lived as an Arctic blast is set to hit the country tomorrow 

Revellers braved freezing temperatures in fancy dress to enjoy a Saturday night out amid a looming Arctic blast which threatens a snowy Easter.

People were seen dressed as bananas, cowboys and sailors last night in Leeds despite the Met Office issuing yellow snow and ice warnings in parts of the UK.

Scotland and arts of the north of England were warned plunging temperatures and icy conditions could impact travel and result in slips and falls. 

But while Britain’s Arctic weather of recent days will briefly grow more mild today, an Arctic blast is set to hit tomorrow night, stretching to April’s Easter holidays.

Earlier on Saturday, many parts of the country shivered through another freezing day with cloud and rain spreading in from the west.

A pair of friends in Leeds braved the snow and icy conditions to head on a Saturday night out

Otley runners and Leeds revellers were seen braving the icy conditions last night dressed in tutus and sailor costumes 

One reveller pictured wearing a fluffy pink jacket, cow-print handbag and pink cowboy hat as she braved the cold 

But that didn’t stop revellers braving the conditions to enjoy a night out among friends.

Many people were pictured in cowboy hats, hiding under umbrellas, while some were spotted in sports kits.

One woman was pictured appearing to have fallen beside a huge pile of dirt and snow. 

And a man was seen looking rather cold while dressed as Nintendo’s Luigi. 

Temperatures plunged to as low as minus 15.7C in Altnaharra in northern Scotland on Saturday while the highest temperature of 12.C was recorded at St Marys Airport on the Isles of Scilly, south west of Cornwall.

READ MORE: Britain to be hit by fresh polar blast threatening a White Easter as Met Office warns temperatures will plummet overnight with snow to smother several parts of UK – see the full map 

The Met Office had yellow warnings in place covering large swathes of the country after Storm Larisa battered parts of the UK with gales and blizzards.

Drivers were urged to get behind the wheel only if necessary, with some motorists left stranded due to heavy snowfall.

In north Wales two hill-walking families had to be rescued after they were caught in poor weather on Saturday.

North East Wales Search and Rescue told the BBC it received simultaneous calls to help two separate families who had been walking on Moel Famau, which sits between Flintshire and Denbighshire.

The service sent teams in 4×4 vehicles to the hill, in the Clwydian Range.

The rescue service said visibility was down to 100m (328ft) at the time of the calls.

While in Annahilt, Northern Ireland, rare snow rollers were spotted in a field in County Down by entomologist Adam Mantell.

A group of friends dressed in cowboy hats headed out in the cold to enjoy a Saturday night out

A crowd of bananas seen heading out for drinks as snow fell in Leeds, closely followed by a woman in a veil

One revellers pictured wearing a veil was seen braving the snow to enjoy a boozy Saturday, despite Met Office warnings

A yellow snow and ice warning covers much of northern England and southern Scotland until 6am on Sunday

A gorup of friends in a variety of costumes as they headed out in the cold, including a man dressed as Luigi

A woman appears to fall in front of a large pile of icy an dirt-filled snow amid the freezing temperatures

Women desperately run for a taxi as rain and snow fell while revellers went out drinking last night

The naturally-occurring phenomenon are the result of strong winds blowing across a flat, snow-covered field or hillside, the Royal Meteorological society (RMETS) told the BBC.

And after milder temperatures this morning Britain is set to be hit by a fresh Arctic blast from Monday night which threatens a white Easter that stretches into April’s school holidays.

A short-lived rise in temperature will today melt snow and – combined with heavy rain – will lead to floods in some areas after Storm Larisa battered parts of the UK with 50mph gales and blizzards.

The Met Office have said that a flow of cold air will feed into the north of the UK from Monday and it will extend south bringing much of the UK under a chilly spell overnight into Tuesday – and snow is forecast to hit throughout this week.

Today’s warmer weather – up to 14C in the South and 10C in the North – comes after Friday’s snow dump that brought dangerous conditions across parts of the country and lows of -15C in Scotland.

Heavy snow is now expected to fall in northern Scotland tomorrow morning and it will work its way down south throughout the day before hitting northern England late Monday afternoon, according the Met Office forecast.

Women pose for pictures in cowboy hats as snow falls around them amid the Met Office warnings

Two women braving the cold, with one covering herself in her jacket to avoid the falling snow

A group of friends in sports kits headed out for a boozy Saturday depsite Met office yellow snow and ice warnings

A pair of friends in cowboy hats hid under an umbrella to escape the falling snow as they head on a night out

A trio pose for a picture in sunglasses as snow falls while they are on a boozy night out

Two friends pose for the camera while trying to hid from the snowy conditions on their Saturday night out 

A group of friends hide under an umbrella as snow fell last night 

Revellers were pictured heading out in snowy conditions with some in big warm jackets while others risked the cold more

Snow is expected Monday night in northern England and threatening the Midlands on Tuesday and Wednesday. The South is more likely to see rain as highs will drop to between 4C and 7C in midweek.

Temperatures overnight from Monday into Tuesday will see temperatures fall as low as -5C in northern Scotland, hovering at around freezing in the North of England around 3C in the Midlands and 5C in the South.

 Met Office Deputy Chief Forecaster Daniel Rudman said: ‘There is an increasingly strong signal for colder air to once again feed into the north of the UK during Monday.

‘This flow is likely to extend southwards with much of the UK likely to be under the influence of colder conditions overnight into Tuesday.

‘Tuesday is set to remain a cold day, but it is not expected to be as cold as conditions have been this week, and there will be brighter periods for most. There are likely to be some showers too, although any snow fall is expected be over higher elevations.’

And 50mph gusts may once again batter Britain from Monday, with the high speeds expected in the South, Midlands and in Wales from Monday afternoon, according to Met Office forecasts.

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