Ivanka Trump ‘wants to set record straight’ in new book amid Melania ‘feud’ rumours

Ivanka Trump discusses being ‘competitive’ like her father in 2014

Donald Trump’s daughter and the Former First Lady left Washington last month when President Joe Biden took office. According to Page Six, Ivanka Trump kept “extensive” notes of her time in the White House.

During her father’s four years in the White House, Ivanka served as Advisor to the President and the Director of Office of Economic Initiatives and Entrepreneurship since 2017.

Her husband, Jared Kushner, also worked as a senior adviser to his father-in-law former President Trump.

Speculation over the alleged feud between Ivanka and Melania reignited last year after the former First Lady’s ex aide revealed details of the dispute.

Stephanie Winston Wolkoff was a friend and adviser to Melania in the early days of President Trump’s time in office.

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But in a tell-all book ‘Melania and Me: The Rise and Fall of My Friendship with the First Lady’, Ms Wolkoff wrote about her side of the story.

Speaking to the Daily Beast, Ms Wolkoff said Melania described Ivanka and Jared as “snakes” because “they’ll do anything to get what they want”.

She added: “So [Ivanka] impinged on Melania’s duties while overstepping her rank and boundaries.

“And I mean that in a sense like she poached individuals that were for the East Wing, that we were vetting to have—Kayleigh McEnany, Mercedes Schlapp.”

Ms Wolkoff continued: “I mean, these were people Melania was looking to bring in.

“We called [Ivanka] the serial poacher. It was deceptive. But you don’t go and hire people that the first lady’s looking to bring in.”

But now Ivanka is reportedly set to tell her own side of the White House story.

A source told Page Six: “She has been keeping extensive notes on her time in the White House.

“Ivanka has been known to correct friends who mistakenly thought she worked only in the East Wing.

“She wants to set the record straight on a long list of issues, including confronting her critics head-on.”

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The source claimed the “supposed tension with Melania” will be one of the topics discussed in the book.

They added that Ivanka will also address “the constant rumours that she was being marginalised by her dad”.

The former First Daughter is also expected to discuss “the very important things she got done with women’s issues and family leave”.

Ivanka has already penned two books, ‘The Trump Card’ and ‘Women Who Work’.

According to reports, Ivanka has been “approached regarding a book” but no proposals have been set up.

The source added: “Yes, she has been approached regarding a book. It’s one of the number of options available to her, but it’s nowhere near top of mind or imminent.

“Certainly no outlines or proposals. She’s hyper-focused on her family, and the work she’s done at the White House.”

In a recent interview with She Knows, Ms Wolkoff said Ivanka “would usurp” Melania during their time at the White House.

She said: “One of the reasons why I wrote in the way that I wrote it… was to highlight the way that Ivanka would usurp Melania and all the traditions of the White House and didn’t care about any rules and didn’t care about anyone else.

“She’s Donald in a suit. She is Donald’s one ace in the hole. And if Donald had to choose between anyone, it would be Ivanka.”

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