James Martin's new cook book leaves Twitter users in hysterics

‘You killed SpongeBob’: James Martin’s new cook book ‘Butter’ leaves Twitter users in hysterics

  • James Martin’s cover for his new cook book ‘Butter’ has drawn mixed reactions on Twitter 
  • It features the chef staring at a large fistful of butter with an an intense gaze 
  • Social media reactions are torn between Martin’s stare being one of love or hate 

People have taken to Twitter to discuss the cover of James Martin’s new cook book, Butter, which came out on Thursday.

The chef and TV presenter is known for his love of full-fat ingredients and initially wanted to simply title the book Fat.

The cover, which features Martin intensely staring at a large, lardy fistful of creamy butter in his bare hand has drawn mixed reactions on social media.

James Martin’s new cook book, which came out on Thursday is a love letter to butter and fat

The cookbook was written in 21 days during lockdown and the team photographed the dishes on the floor of his Hampshire home 

Twitter users are split on whether the chef’s look is one of love of unbridled rage. 

Ian Baskerville posted a photo of the cover with the caption: ‘James Martin has finally tracked down the butter that killed his family…and now it must pay.’

‘This cover has to be the best worst cook book cover ever. He looks like he hates and loves it and is going to smother himself in it either way,’ @Th_Drink said. 

Some users have compared the butter in the cover to a sponge which Martin is set to kill

Another comment from @RoyHBT said: ‘James Martin looking at the butter like a disappointed Dad. “Do better, butter.”‘

Some have also remarked that the butter in the cover looks like a sponge. 

‘It looks like James Martin has just killed SpongeBob SquarePants,’ @MartinM_Media said.

@NeonXenomorph28 added: ‘Genuinely thought this was a piece of sponge for a minute. James Martin looks like he’d like to have some private time with the butter…that or he’s finally found the piece of butter which wronged him so many years ago.’

But others saw a look of longing, not disappointment. 

‘Get me a man who looks at me and caresses me like James Martin,’ @TheJordanJB commented.


Martin is known for his love of butter and full-fat ingredients. He initially wanted to call the cookbook Fat 

Twitter users were torn on whether Martin looked like he loves or hates butter with his intense stare 

@frankelslowbro also said: ‘Find yourself a significant other who looks at you like James Martin looks at butter.’  

Martin’s cook book was written in 21 days during lockdown and the dishes were photographed on the floor of his Hampshire home.

The whole thing was completed in nine weeks from start to finish.

It doesn’t shy away from fats and using butter as an ingredient, challenging the preference of many chefs who use what are considered healthier substitutes.

In an interview with Weekend Magazine last week, he said: ‘Chefs treat butter like olive oil, and for me it’s always been about the food – delicious food.

‘You can’t produce good-quality food with margarine – it’s s***. Do we need to be lectured? Can we just enjoy it for what it is?

‘Butter is a natural ingredient. I’ve spent my entire career using butter without compromise and without substitute, mainly because there isn’t one.

‘We shouldn’t take butter for granted. It’s such an essential part of our food lives right across the globe that it’s a wonder many more haven’t written books on it before.

‘Butter is unique and natural, and we don’t have to kill an animal to produce it.’

The book features Martin’s favourites, savoury and sweet alike, from roast crab with lime and chilli butter to cinnamon bread with caramel butter dip.

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