Kanye West 'terrible paranoia' forced 'inner circle to abandon him' as he splits from Kim Kardashian

KANYE West's “terrible paranoia” has forced members of his inner circle to QUIT as he splits from Kim Kardashian, The Sun can exclusively reveal.

The insider, who has witnessed Kanye and Kim together up close over the past year, also said two of Yeezy's key staffers have "created friction" with the rapper's A-list friends. Some of Kanye's personal security guards have also quit recently.

The source said the staff "become involved in personal issues, business issues and everybody else's issues" – which has rubbed the rapper's inner circle of musicians, fashion workers and hangers on the wrong way.

The Sun can also reveal some of Kanye's personal security guards have called it quits.

Kanye has reportedly been holed at his $14million ranch since news of his split from Kim broke.

It is believed the guards told Kanye that the people around him were compromising his safety by making it impossible for them to do their jobs.

The source said he is concerned for the star’s mental health after years of trying to manage his bipolar condition and he is worried he may never again be well.

“He suffers from terrible paranoia when he’s not channeling all his efforts into his art," they said.

“Paranoia is a byproduct of his sickness.

“He’s very fortunate that he can put his energy into his art, his creativity."

The source continued: “I don’t know if there is a solution for his kind of sickness."

Speaking on the star's split from Kim Kardashian, the insider said the two mega-stars are not an ideal fit.

"[They] have four kids, so on that level the marriage has been a success," the source said.

“[But] she brings a lot of her own baggage. She may be a nice lady but I wouldn’t want anything to do with her.

“There is no privacy, no decency… sometimes Kanye needs privacy and doesn’t get it.

"I don’t know what’s in play right now between him and Kim but they’re headed for divorce, I believe.”

The Sun has contacted Kim and Kanye’s spokesman for comment.

Earlier this week, The Sun reported Yeezy has completed building his Star Wars-inspired housing "pods" at his ranch.

Make-up artist influencer Jeffree Star has also recently denied reports he had hooked up with Kanye in Wyoming where he also now lives.

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