Kate Middleton is here to ‘shake things up’ after ‘loyal foot soldier’ Harry

The future Queen of England, Kate Middleton looks set on shaking things up through her charity work and royal role by continuing work started with Prince William and Prince Harry, a leading royal commentator has said.

In her news.com.au column, Daniela Elser wrote that the Princess of Wales appears to be coming into her own as a working member of the Royal Family and is driven to create meaningful change through her charity work.

Comparing Kate to the great female "ballbreakers" of the Royal Family's past, Daniela wrote: "Kate is not here to play around the edges of some naiiiiiice charity work but to shake things up and to effect real, positive change in the UK.

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"Having spent the first decade coming to grips with tiara wearing and not yawning in front of minor Albanian dignitaries at Buckingham Palace do’s, Kate is now formulating a professional agenda of her own."

The royal expert highlighted the princess' commitment to positive early childhood development and to several related initiatives spearheaded by Kate that had more substance and meat than fluff.

This includes founding the Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood in 2021, which Daniela says has "more academic and overly qualified nerdish types than a Dungeons and Dragons conventions, and her latest initiate Shaping Up, which is less about "organic playdough" and more about dealing with mental health issues, addiction and homelessness.

Daniela also highlighted that the Duchess was key in setting up mental health charity Heads Up, with husband Prince William and brother-in-law Prince Harry, and has continued to push her charity work with a fierce drive.

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She wrote: "According to a number of reports, it was Kate who was instrumental in realising that the linchpin of the work that she, William and then loyal foot soldier Prince Harry would do was within he area of mental health, leading to the formation of their wonderfully radical (for the royal family at the time) mental health organisation, Head’s Up in 2016.

"In the years since then, coincidentally the same period during which she and William transitioned to full-time royal duties, she has, year on year, cranked up the seriousness and profile of her early years work."

The future Queen of England's appointment of Alison Corfield as her new private secretary is further indication of Kate's determination to use her role as a working royal to shape things up, Daniela goes on to say.

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Corfield, who lead Jamie Oliver's free school meal campaign and comes with a reputation for being “a ball-breaker, a real straight-talker', may be an unconventional choice for the job, but comes with a track record of "making things happen".

Daniala wrote: "As a source told the Times, Corfield is 'an unusual fit' and 'a bit out there for Kensington Palace,' however promised, 'she will run rings around the courtiers and shake things up a bit."

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