Killer step mum Emma Tustin ‘in isolation cell to protect her from other lags’

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An evil step mum who murdered a six-year-old boy by torturing him to death during lockdown has been placed in isolation in prison for her own protection, it has been reported.

Emma Tustin was sentenced to a minimum of 29-years at Peterborough jail earlier this month.

The 32-year-old has been moved into a unit for inmates with “complex needs”, which means that she has no contact with other inmates, including when she eats, exercises and washes.

According to The Sun, Tustin is a top target for other inmates, and is also under observation to make sure she doesn’t self-harm.

A source said: “Every effort is being made to protect her from attack. Like it or not, prison officers have a duty to keep order and the rule of law inside.

“In her case, they’re gritting their teeth to do it but she’s a massive target. It’s only a matter of time before someone takes a chance to do her in.”

Tustin and her partner Thomas Hughes, 29, were jailed at Coventry crown court last week.

Jurors heard how ­Tustin carried out a catalogue of abuse on the boy before she carried out the final fatal assault by violently shaking the boy and repeatedly banging his head.

Hughes was not present at the time but had encouraged violence against his son and regularly beat him. He is serving 21 years at HMP Hewell, Worcs. The jail holds 800 male cons.

It comes after a source told The mirror that Tustin has also been offered parenting lessons in a bid to help her “manage certain aspects of her personality” and “deal with her way dangerous beliefs”.

A former inmate of Tustin also told how the murdered only shed a tear for herself, and never showed any sign of remorse for what she did to Arthur. showed any sign of

The former cellmate also claimed that she made attempts to lie and hide what she did to Artur, but once the inmates learned how she poisoned Arthur with salt, they laced her meals with it.

She said: “Some of the things we did were cruel – but she [Tustin] was crueller to Arthur so she deserved it.”

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