Language courses in Canada

At the moment, Canada has two official languages ​​- English and French, each of which is taught at a professional high level in language schools. In most cases, it is this factor that determines the increased interest of foreign citizens in courses in Canada, where you can quickly learn English and discover new opportunities in this country.

Studies in Canada can be combined with travelling around the country. Landscapes of amazing beauty will appear before you. Students have an opportunity to go to the national park and go canoeing. Fans of extreme sports can go to the mountains and go skiing. Marvel at the famous Niagara Falls, the Pacific Ocean, caressing the eyes with their beauty. Travelling around Canada will help you learn English faster and easier.

English courses in Canada for admission to the university

English courses in Canada, which are aimed at preparing for admission to universities (Pathways), provide in-depth knowledge of speaking and written academic English. Also programs of this type include:

  • study of writing academic essays in the volume of 1000 words
  • skills in preparing presentations
  • work in an academic group
  • preparation for passing language tests (IELTS or TOEFL)

If you are studying at a partner school of any university, successful completion of language courses practically guarantees successful admission. Also, some language schools provide assistance in enrollment in the ranks of students of other colleges or universities.

Preparation programs for admission to a university usually last quite long: from 2 months to a year (depending on the level of knowledge of the language).

The number of lessons can vary – the student chooses a regular or intensive course (they differ in the number of lessons per week).

Upon completion of such a program, students manage to achieve a high level of language proficiency (at least 80-100 iBT).

Preparation for IELTS and TOEFL exams

If you want to enter a higher education institution in Canada or find a job, you will need a certificate of proficiency in the language. For this, foreign languages take IELTS or TOEFL exams. All Canadian universities accept both certificates.

Language courses in Canada will help prepare for these tests, regardless of the initial level of language proficiency. Language schools offer special programs designed to prepare for language tests. The minimum duration of such a course is 4 weeks.

During language courses, the main focus is put on:

  • writing and grammar;
  • speaking;
  • listening (listening comprehension);
  • reading.

Summer courses

Summer language courses in Canada, as a rule, are designed for high school graduates (15-18 years old). The duration can range from 14 days to 2 months.

During this time, students live with host families and take an English course. For graduates, tours of universities are organized so that they can familiarize themselves with them and decide on admission. Also, most of the programs include excursion tours to the sights of the country.

Benefits of language courses in Canada

The country has two official languages: English and French, so you can get an education with their comprehensive study. Thanks to the large selection of linguistic centers, you can find a school not only in a large city, but also in a small village. Studying English at a Canadian institution costs 20% less than at a British or American institution.

This country is multicultural. Most of the citizens are immigrants in the first or second generation, so here they are very warm towards visitors from other parts of the world.

Most popular language schools in Canada – Eurocentres

Eurocentres (Foundation of European Centers for the Study of Language and Culture) is a large international network of language schools that offers international students from all over the world study abroad. The first Eurocentres school was opened in the UK, in Bournemouth back in 1948, it was the first language school on the south coast of England and one of the very first in the world. Since then, the network of schools has expanded in different cities and countries.

The school has developed a special language learning program – “Success System”, thanks to which, for more than 60 years, the Eurocentres network has been a leader in the field of language teaching, and its students receive the progress of their knowledge. The main aspects of this program are as follows:

  • individual approach and support for each student;
  • a comprehensive assessment of the student’s existing knowledge and individual goals of language learning;
  • control over progress and achievement of the set goals;
  • individual recommendations from teachers;
  • communicative and person-centered group work;
  • weekly review of the material learned and check its assimilation;

By the end of the language course, each student is issued a certificate, which indicates the level of language proficiency and the profile of acquired skills.

The Vancouver school is located in the city center, within walking distance of shops, restaurants and the waterfront. The modernly equipped classroom has 16 classrooms, three of which have interactive whiteboards, a training center, a computer lab, free Wi-Fi, a recreation area, and a rooftop terrace.