Lightning strikes erupting volcano in ‘perfect apocalyptic landscape’

Nature has the power to deliver some of the most incredible spectacles that people are likely to ever witness in their lives and luckily it's not always necessary to be there.

From the breathtaking peaks of the Himalayas to the wild habitat of the African savanna, it is often down to fearless photographers that the moments are captured and shared with the world.

And it is thanks to a Chilean photographer who has published pictures for some of the best-known nature publications in the world that an epic moment from the natural world has seen the light of day.

Francisco Negroni has a particular passion for capturing volcanic eruptions and lightning storms and in 2015 photographed an "apocalyptic landscape" that has now won him a prestigious international award.

The awesome photo shows the Calbuco volcano eruption hit with a lightning storm in the lakes region of Chile.

The incredible photo captures the moment when the lightning strikes the big rock bringing the two natural events together.

Negroni told Colossal: "When I go outside to take photographs, I try to leave with the images in my mind: I imagine what I am going or want to achieve that day in that place.

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"Although many times I don’t get what I imagined or thought would be a good photograph, and I get others that I couldn’t have imagined and they are much better, it’s strange.

"But almost always I work in a direct documentation, with an idea in base, but trying to always obtain an understanding of something more difficult for the spectator."

The photographer has captured iconic moments before, by snapping the Cordón Caulle, which began erupting in 2011 and remained active for a number of years afterwards.

But when it first erupted, it caused chaos in Chile, Argentina and Uruguay. A fissure opened sending ash 45,000 feet into the air.

The volcano, which sits in the uyehue-Cordón Caulle mountain chain, sent brown ash plumes through the clouds and caused a show towards the southeast of the range.

The photo won the landscape category of the Photo Is Light awards and then Francisco Negroni was announced as the overall winner from all six categories by claiming the title of Illuminated Photographer Photo Is Light 2020.

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