Mad conspiracy claims Russia school shooting was Putin’s ‘dirty distraction’

Conspiracy theorists claim a gunman who shot 17 people dead inside a school was sent by Vladimir Putin.

Social media users have pitched their own wild explanations behind the horrors of a man opening fire at School Number 88 on Pushkinskaya Ulitsa in Izhevsk, Russia.

Yesterday (Monday, September 26), schizophrenia patient 34-year-old Artyom Kazantsev stormed his old school, armed with two pistols and a terrifying amount of ammunition which he used to kill 11 kids and six adults.

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A further 24 are being treated for their injuries in the shooting which only ended when Kazantsev took his own life in a fourth-floor classroom.

Russian news readers wasted no time in responding to reports of the massacre with suspicion.

Police statements and accompanying scene snaps show the balaclava-clad killer dressed entirely in black, with a swastika symbol seemingly drawn on his chest with red crayon.

For all the fascist rhetoric so far released, investigators are still working on finding out what motivated the killer.

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Putin's spokesperson said the President is "deeply mourning" the deaths and slammed the shooting as an "inhuman terrorist attack".

Yet, in several outlandish comments it is Putin who is being blamed for the classroom bloodbath with claims that it was sanctioned to "distract" from Russians fleeing conscription for the war in Ukraine.

One person wrote in Russian: "I wouldn't be surprised if the school shooting in russia is organised to overshadow news about protests, draft centers arsons, and the killing of a recruiter in one of them. Now, all TV channels will be talking about the school shooting. Like my conspiracy theory?"

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"Khuilo arranges terrorist attacks, such as a distraction," a second added.

Someone tweeting in English has even dragged former US President Donald Trump into their allegations. They said: "I bet the school shooting in Russia was planned by Putin ,,,& trump thinks it’s Genius."

This view was echoed by another who also took to Twitter saying: "I see Putin is escalating his craziness just as the J6 hearings are about to ramp up. I knew Trump would try to pull some kind of distraction, but didn't think he'd rope in Putin to do it. A nazi just shot up a school in Russia. That's from the GQP (America's Republican party) playbook."

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One person asked whether the attack was a convenient "dirty distraction" given the shooter's Nazi affiliation, the very stick that Putin used to justify his invasion into Ukraine.

They said: "A school shooting in Russia? I’m so sorry for these children & families involved, why am I suspicious?

"A person with a Nazi t-shirt? Isn’t this message leader saying about Ukraine? Is this a dirty distraction? Forcing people to war, people are fleeing, people protests,is he afraid?"

Another believes the Russian President will use the shooting to his advantage even if he had no part in it.

"I said it earlier today and I’ll say it again," someone commented. "The school shooting in Russia? Is going to be deemed done by a “Ukrainian Nazi” and Putin will use this."


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