Mad Vladimir Putin is a ‘huge Elton John fan’ and ‘has gay friends’, says source

Russian warmonger Mad Vlad Putin is a huge fan of the best-selling artist and composer Elton John, according to Andrew Marr.

The former BBC political editor, 63, said the President made the revelation ahead of Russia ’s Sochi Winter Olympics in 2014.

It came after protests were held over the ­country’s anti-homosexuality laws – and the gay ­music legend, 76, branded them “inhumane”.

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He revealed the pair also discussed Russia’s homophobia – and he found out Putin, 70, had gay pals.

The presenter said: “I asked him if he had gay friends, which he does, and whether he was homophobic.

“He said he wasn’t, but that he enjoyed Elton’s music very much.”

Marr also wrote in his column that before the interview Sir Elton asked him to give Putin a kiss on the cheek and an album by gay icon Donna Summer.

He decided against the gestures because he “couldn’t do that” – but the singer’s words were “going around in his head” as he was talking to Putin.

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Marr also claimed Putin was one of the “cleverest men” he had ever interviewed.

He added: “He may not be any more, but he was then.”

The Russian despot unleashed war on Ukraine in February last year.

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