Maths teacher arrested for choking out pupil during in-class jujitsu exhibition

A teacher is due in court after being arrested for choking a student out while giving a Jujitsu demonstration in class.

Stefanie Sanabria – a 50-year-old maths coach at Brookside Elementary School in Connecticut, US – was showing off some of her martial arts moves, and used three students as guinea pigs.

The students, whose ages have not been released to the public, had volunteered, apparently, but things took a dark turn when one of the trio lost consciousness.

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It is not yet known why this happened during a maths class, however.

An arrest warrant was issued soon after, and the teacher was arrested at her home.

Lieutenant Joseph Dinho of Norwalk Police said: “They were demonstrating jujitsu moves to some of the students in the class who had volunteered to do that. so this was not a call that we usually get every day.”

The woman is now facing charges of reckless endangerment, strangulation and risk of injury.

A spokesman for Norwalk Public School confirmed that Sanabria has actually resigned from her position at the school.

They said: “On Friday, February 24, Norwalk Public Schools notified the Norwalk Police Department of an incident at Brookside Elementary School.

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“With the assistance of the Norwalk Police Department, we determined that a teacher was demonstrating defensive holds to students, and a student fainted during that demonstration.

“Fortunately, the student did not sustain any permanent injury – Ms Sanabria has resigned her employment with the Norwalk Public Schools.

“The safety of our students is our first concern, and we immediately investigated the situation involving Ms. Sanabria when it occurred.”

One parent, Alicia Farrow, spoke out about the incident.

She told local news outlets that teachers should “not be putting their hands on kids whatsoever”.

The teacher, who has not yet commented on the bizarre incident, is due in court tomorrow (Friday, March 10).

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