Meghan Markle’s post-royal life ‘isn’t exactly the stuff of feminist legend’

Meghan Markle's actions and life after leaving the Royal Family have been slammed by an expert who believes she has failed to be the "feminist legend" she set out to be.

The Duchess of Sussex and husband Prince Harry left active duties in the Firm behind back in March 2020.

According to royal columnist Daniela Elser, since the Sussexes broke away from the Palace, Meghan has done little to prove herself as a "global role model".

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In a recent column, Elser criticises Meghan's actions or there lack of – including rubbishing certain members of the Firm in an interview with Oprah Winfrey.

Writing for, Elser wrote: "A woman who would use her global platform to affect real change for women. Huzzah! Pop the champagne and prepare to watch a Duchess take on the patriarchy!

"And that kinda, sorta happened in the 20-odd months that Meghan logged as a working member of the royal family, with her official trips to South Africa and Morocco which placed huge emphasis on gender equality.

"Then came Megxit and what has followed isn’t exactly the stuff of feminist legend."

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Elser further alleged that the actions of the Duchess of Sussex after leaving the Royal Family were nothing to write home about.

She continued: "Many people view her and Harry’s outspoken exit as a true moral achievement; as her having stood up to an ancient institution and spoken out about a situation she felt was wrong.

"Convictions take courage, after all. But going on Oprah to talk about how rubbish your husband’s family were to you isn’t exactly Emmeline Pankhurst territory."

According to Elser, it would appear the Duchess' work as a member of the Royal Family still casts a shadow over any do-gooding she's done since.

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