Meth-smoking vicar who talked of sacrificing babies caught with child images

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    A crystal meth-smoking vicar who talked about sacrificing babies to Satan and was caught with 22,000 indecent images of children has been jailed for four years.

    Rev David Renshaw, 63, was found with a stash of illegal pictures and videos on a computer in his home where he kept dead and starving animals.

    Some of his extreme pornography included clips of dogs and horses.

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    Police spotted Renshaw in 2019 when an indecent image found on a paedophile file-sharing website in New Zealand was linked back to the clergyman.

    The account was attributed to Renshaw's email and IP address and was flagged to the National Crime Agency – Britain's FBI.

    Police swooped on his home in Worthing, West Sussex, and seized a string of devices packed with 22,504 illegal images.

    The RSPCA also found dogs, cats and chickens left in a severely malnourished state, police said.

    As well as starving living animals there was also a dead rotting kitten and rat found on the floor along with used needles and other drug equipment.

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    In chat logs found on his devices Renshaw referenced sacrificing babies to the Devil'. He asked another user to sacrifice his son to Satan.

    Renshaw was vicar of Holy Trinity and Christ Church in Worthing at the time. He denied the allegations but was found guilty of three charges of possessing indecent images, three of making them and having banned photos of children by a jury at an earlier trial.

    The vicar was also convicted of having extreme porn involving dogs and horses.

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    At Hove Crown Court on was jailed and fined £4,200. The judge said he posed a high risk to children, imposed a Sexual Harm Prevention Order and ordered the destruction of all the images and videos.

    A Sussex Police spokesman said: "Renshaw remains a high risk to children and demonstrated a profound breach of trust to parishioners and the wider church community.''

    Det Sgt David Rose said the officer who examined the material will be scarred by its harrowing content.

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    "Throughout this investigation Renshaw sought to blame anyone but himself,'' he went on.

    "He failed to accept or take any responsibility for his actions which I am certain the local parish he represented would be appalled by.

    "Through painstaking and careful enquiries we were able to show that the child abuse images were on his computer, saved under his username and found on a hard drive on his desk.

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    "The sheer number of images indicate that they were accumulated over a protracted period of time. The search of his address was one of the most revolting tasks our officers will ever have to endure.

    "As well as malnourished living animals there was also a dead rotting kitten and a dead rotting rat on the floor, in addition to used needles and other drug paraphernalia lying around. It was a deeply unpleasant scene to search.

    "It was also a particularly harrowing experience for the officer who had to sift through and grade each image, something that will stay with him for the rest of his life.''

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