Migrants flee after plane makes emergency landing in fake childbirth gambit

Nearly 30 people attempted to escape into Spain after plane made an emergency landing in Barcelona.

The incident happened after a pregnant woman faked going into labour on a flight from Casablanca to Istanbul, causing crew to land the plane and help the woman seek medical treatment.

The woman reportedly pretended to have contractions while in mid-air on the Pegasus Airlines flight, thought to have been carrying 228 people.

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The plane was downed at Barcelona-El Prat Airport, where an ambulance and three police patrols were waiting to help the woman to safety.

However, when the woman arrived to a nearby hospital, medical staff found that she was pregnant, but not in labour.

As the woman was taken off the plane, however, 27 passengers "exited the aircraft without authorisation" before making a run for it, attempting to dodge border officials, Catalonian government sources reportedly revealed.

It is thought the people who left the aircraft are Moroccan nationals.

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A video posted to Twitter shows more than two dozen passengers running from the plane onto the runway.

Fourteen of the wannabe escapees have reportedly been stopped by police and arrested, while a further 13 were successful in their bid for freedom.

So far none have been accounted for, and it is assumed they are still in Spain, according to reports.

Five people were then brought back onto the plane to continue their journey to Istanbul, with the plane eventually landing at its planned destination at around 1:10 pm local time, three hours after it was expected to arrive.

Officials are now processing the remaining eight passengers, who are currently being detained.

They are set to be deported back to Morocco on another flight out of Barcelona, and it is believed the pregnant woman will be one of them.

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A similar incident last year saw another plane flying from Casablanca to Istanbul downed following a false emergency.

On this occasion, a group of passengers ran from the plane onto the runway after the plane made an emergency stop in Mallorca.

Twelve of the escapees were arrested, while another 12 escaped.


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