Missiles strike Kyiv for first time in months as Putin takes revenge

Ukraine: Untrained Russian soldiers 'rebelling against leadership'

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Kyiv was rocked by loud explosions on Monday morning, as Russia once again targeted the Ukrainian capital with missile strikes. The city’s mayor, Vitali Klitschko, confirmed several strikes in the central Shevchenkivskyi district of the city. He wrote on his Telegram channel: “Several explosions in the Shevchenskiv district – in the centre of the capital.”

At least four explosions were heard around 8.30am local time, causing panic among residents.

Nolan Peters, a war correspondent for the Coffee or Die magazine, said the city had not experienced anything as intense in months.

He tweeted: “Series of massive explosions in Kyiv.

“Woke my wife and I up and we ran from bed to the bomb shelter.

“Nothing this intense in Kyiv for months.

Ukrainian MP Ukrainian Oleksiy Goncharenko described a scene a destruction and carnage in the city centre.

He wrote: “Kyiv. The rocket fell right in the centre of the city.

“Cars are burning, and windows have been shattered in houses. There are dead.”

He wrote: “Kyiv. The rocket fell right in the centre of the city.

“Cars are burning, and windows have been shattered in houses. There are dead.”

The FT’s correspondent Christopher Miller also confirmed that there were casualties.

He said: “The very centre of Kyiv was hit, right beside Shevchenko Park.

“Closest strike to the heart of Kyiv and the government quarter yet, and the first against it in many weeks.

“The missile struck a major intersection during morning rush hour.

“State Emergency spox says dead + wounded.”

The attack was captured on British television during a live report.

BBC correspondent Hugo Bachega was giving his morning dispatch when the strike occurred.

The attack comes as Vladimir Putin is set to convene a meeting of his national security council following Saturday’s strike on the Kerch bridge.

The bridge is vital supply route for Russian forces fighting in southern Ukraine.

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It also holds important symbolic value for the Russian President, who commissioned its construction and personally opened it in 2018.

Putin called the attack a “terrorist act” and said Ukraine’s intelligence forces had aimed to destroy a critically important piece of Russia’s civil infrastructure.

The Ukrainian government has not officially commented on who or what caused the bridge explosion.

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