Missing woman ‘may have been abducted’ as woman shares worrying sighting

A woman claims to have a lead in the case of missing Leah Croucher, saying that she saw a woman being "aggressively pushed" in a car – but police seem "not very bothered" about her information.

The 68-year-old, who lives close to the victim's family, claims to have seen a young woman being pushed down in the seat of a car in Milton Keynes around the time of Leah's disappearance two years ago.

She said that she reported the incident almost immediately and twice more, but has been met with silence from the authorities.

The woman, who was stationary in a queue of traffic at the time, said that she saw a pair of feet on the dashboard of a shiny black coupe car with the man behind the wheel aggressively pushing whoever was next to him down into the passenger seat.

The pensioner claims that no detectives contacted her after she reported the information so she reported it for a second time but was again met with silence.

Thames Valley Police say they took "appropriate" action over the woman's reports and declined to disclose further detail, The Mirror reported.

Today, the worried OAP decided to "go public" with her information, saying she wanted police to re-examine what she told them on February 15, 2019.

She told how she spotted the worrying encounter just yards away from Furzton Lake.

"Suddenly a right foot appeared on the dashboard, followed by a left foot….I guessed they belonged to a female because of the size," she said.

"I was stationary and the car was at a junction to the side of me, waiting to pull out, so I had quite a good view."

The witness remembers the time clearly – it was between 8.35am and 8.40am.

Leah's mobile phone left the network inexplicably at 8.34am – in the area of Furzton Lake, investigators have said.

The witness said: "As I watched the car, the driver suddenly let go of the steering wheel with both hands, twisted himself around and pushed whoever the feet belonged to down really forcefully.

"He was using both hands and it seemed a very aggressive thing to do.

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"It was like he was trying to hide someone… I remember being concerned enough that I tried to get the number plate but I was at the wrong angle to see it.

"I hoped the cars in front of me would move forward enough so I could allow the driver to pull out in front of me and I'd get a better view.

"At one point I even contemplated getting out of my car, running down the road and asking him what on earth he was doing."

She continued: "I lost sight of him but it continued to prey on my mind. I wish I'd had my phone to hand and taken a photograph."

She added that the man driving the black car was aged maybe 30 to 40 years and had darkish hair, dark brown rather than black. She said it was cut in a 'mophead' style,' like the Beatle's.

She called the police when she found out about Leah's disappearance.

She said: "The female who answered sounded quite young and it seemed she was either not very interested or had worked all night and was very tired. Either way she did not appear very bothered about what I was saying. However she said she'd pass the information on."

Over the 31 months since Leah disappeared, police have conducted numerous searches – visiting 4,000 properties, reviewing 1,200 hours of CCTV and making widespread media appeals.

But no trace of Leah, including her phone, her clothes, and her black rucksack handbag, has ever been found and nobody has been arrested in connection with the case.

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