Model shares his ingenious hack for eating McDonald's in a car

Model shares ‘game-changing’ hack for eating a McDonald’s burger, fries and soft drink in a car without spilling anything

  •  Young model shared ingenious hack online to easily eat a Mcdonalds meal 
  •  Model and dancer Cristian Liberti balances burger and fries ontop of his drink
  •  The hack has gone viral with many sayign they’ve been doing it method for years

A young model has wowed the internet after sharing a ‘game changing’ hack for eating a McDonald’s meal inside a car. 

Model and dancer Cristian Liberti, shared a TikTok video of himself balancing his burger and fries on top of his drink, using the straw to hold the meal in place.   

The ingenious hack includes balancing the burger box on top of the drink, which gives you two trays – one for the burger and another for the fries. 

The Sydney-based model shared the tip online to his 80,000 followers. 

A Sydney model’s McDonalds hack for eating a cheeseburger meal by balancing the burger and chips on the drink (pictured) has gone viral online 

‘You get your burger, open the box and get your chips and tip them into the box,’ he said in the video. 

‘Then get the straw from your drink and push it through the middle of the box. And then that’s it, enjoy.’

Mr Liberti 

The video has since been viewed more than 300,000 times, with dozens saying the hack is so simple, they wish they’d known about it sooner.


Sydney model and dancer Cristian Liberti (pictured) shared his hack for eating a McDonalds meal online 


‘omg life changing’, one wrote. 

Cristian Liberti posted the ingenious McDonalds hack to his 80,000 TikTok followers (pictured: image of Cistian Liberti)

But other viewers claim they’ve known about the model’s hack ‘for decades.’ 

‘I’ve been doing this since I can remember’, one wrote.  

‘Good luck trying to do this with paper straws’, another said.  

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